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    Mar 22, 2007
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      In a message dated 3/22/07 9:05:56 AM Central Standard Time, prometheus_973@... writes:

      Hello All,
      Here's more info that I found on Sudar Singh and
      Rebazar from The Wisdom Notes, Sept. 1, 1969.

      PT: "I learned this when given the initiation to the
      ECK by Rebazar Tarzs many years ago. After studying
      under Sudar Singh for a year, I wandered about for
      some time studying under different teachers but
      found no one worthy of the works of Eck and returned
      to Sudar Singh much more practical than before. It
      was he who sent me to Rebazar Tarzs for the initiation
      into ECKANKAR."



         What is wrong with this picture? Anything?

      "During the middle and later part of the nineteenth century
      Yu Rangta, a Chinese Master, lived in the Gobi Desert and
      was the living ECK Master of his times."

      [Based on: The Spiritual Notebook, by Paul Twitchell, 10th
      printing 1983, p. 195] - [Original copyright 1971]

      "The next Master was Sudar Singh of Allahabad who spread
      ECK to Europe and other places on the globe. He lived into his
      nineties before passing away."

      [Based on: The Spiritual Notebook, by Paul Twitchell, 10th
      printing 1983, p. 195]

      "Tamaqui. tah-MAH-kee. A minor ECK Master in Germany during
      the latter part of the nineteenth century."

      [Based on: A Cosmic Sea of Words - The Eckankar Lexicon, by
      Harold Klemp (Copyright 1998), p. 205]

      "Following him [Sudar Singh] is Peddar Zaskq ... He became the
      Mahanta, the living ECK Master after studying under Rebazar

      [Based on: The Spiritual Notebook, by Paul Twitchell, 10th
      printing 1983, p. 195]


         Though I am not sure exactly why, the date on my "Trivia"
      Timeline for the Eck Master Sudar Singh is "1885?" (It is not
      a definite date, but more of an educated guess). However, if
      Sudar Singh came after Yu Rangta (who lived into the later
      half of the 19th century)???

         Sudar Singh apparently lived into his 90s, and after him
      came Peddar Zaskq. So, even if the "latter half of the 19th
      century" amounted to, say, 1860 (a conservative guess), if
      you add just 90 years to 1860 you get 1950.

         So, my guess is that for Rebazar to fit into the timeline
      he must have served as Living Eck Master between Sudar
      and Paul. But this is not what the Spiritual Notebook says.

         According to the Spiritual Notebook (p. 193 - 10th printing),
      Rebazar Tarzs was born in the year 1461. So I must assume
      that he first served (according to the writings) as Living Eck
      Master long before Sudar Singh. If he served again as Living
      Eck Master after that, I must assume he was "filling in" for

         Apparently, according to The Spiritual Notebook, Paul
      Twitchell "... became the Mahanta, the living ECK Master after
      studying under Rebazar Tarzs." So, here again, it looks like
      "Rebazar Tarzs" taught Paul Twitchell even though Paul also
      knew Sudar Singh.

         If Rebazar Tarzs was living in a physical body after Sudar
      Singh died (and before Paul became Living Eck Master?),
      would that not have made Rebazar Tarz the Living Eck Master?
      between Sudar Singh and Peddar Zaskq (Paul Twitchell)?

         "[....] Paul was learning how to put the truths he found on the
      inner planes into writing. He had a very difficult time figuring out a
      way to present Eckankar to this society. The earliest mention of
      his use of the word Eckankar was about 1960 or 1961. He said he
      had come across the teachings through Sudar Singh in a general  
      way as early as 1935, then studied them in depth with Rebazar
      Tarzs starting in 1951. But the teachings were difficult for him to
      bring out, because nobody cared. [....]"

      [Based on: Article (Getting the ECK Message Out) by Harold Klemp]

         1951? Subtract 90 years from 1951 and you get 1861. That is if
      Sudar Singh only lived to 90 (but the S.N. said nineties).

         At any rate, it "appears" as though Sudar Singh must have been
      Living Eck Master since at least 1860 (latter half of the nineteenth
      century?). Appears, IMO.

         There isn't time now, but I should probably look at the dates for
      name replacements between Sudar Singh and Kirpal Singh. Also,
      try and find out when exactly Sudar Singh died.

         Funny though that there is not any "historical records" of Rebazar
      Tarzs or Sudar Singh - at least not "historical" in the same sense as
      Kirpal Singh. Ironic if his name [Kirpal Singh] was replaced by "non-
      historical" characters. Some might even say "mythical? characters.

         Personally, I myself would like to know if this is in fact the case.
      At least so that I could put all of these characters into better context.


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