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  • etznab@aol.com
    Mar 22, 2007
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      In a message dated 3/22/07 9:05:56 AM Central Standard Time, prometheus_973@... writes:


      Since Sudar Singh is listed in the ECKANKAR Lexicon
      as a LEM why then didn't he initiate and instruct Twit?
      Probably because Sudar Singh was really Kirpal Singh
      (a.k.a. Rebazar Tarzs) of Ruhani Satsang whom PT had
      studied under from 1955-1965 and who PT wrote of
      as his Master in The Tiger's Fang (Paul later changed his
      name). Even Doug Marman confirms that Kirpal didn't
      return The Tiger's Fang manuscript to PT until 1966!


         I see your point Prometheus. Why (if Sudar Singh was the Living
      Eck Master - of which there is only one at a time?), why did Sudar
      Singh send Paul Twitchell to Rebazar Tarzs to be initiated?

         Rebazar Tarzs was an "Eck Initiator" at the time? :) ?

         No, that doesn't seem to hold water. IMO it does look like Kirpal
      Singh may have been something other in the earlier writings than
      what he appears (IMO) to be later on. Especially if his name was
      changed and/or deleted from Eckankar writings over time. I believe
      there are illustrated examples of this.



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