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  • etznab@aol.com
    Mar 22, 2007
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         Thank you for the response that appeared to mention Rebazar
      Tarzs, Sudar Singh, and Paul Twitchell together (in Sudar Singh's

         I wonder what year that was, since (according to some reports)
      Dialogiues With The Master was "written" in the 50's - round about
      the time Paul Twitchell was corresponding with Kirpal Singh.

         Did Paul know three masters in the 1950s? Kirpal Singh, Sudar
      Singh, and Rebazar Tarzs? I can't be sure. Especially since the
      names of these three have a habit of changing over time when the
      newer writings of Paul Twitchell are compared with the old. And
      then there are the examples where Rebazar's (and other Master's)
      words are similar, if not identical, to the authors of published books
      that Paul Twitchell read.

         At any rate, thanks for the Dialogue's With The Master trivia.



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