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  • prometheus_973
    Mar 21, 2007
      Hi Etznab,
      It is interesting that Klemp isn't clear on this
      970th LEM detail. That's probably because PT
      made it all up and forgot what he had previously
      written. However, if ECKists just connect the dots
      they can see the inconsistencies.

      [R.T.]: "Remember the glance I gave you in the home
      of Sudar Singh, in Allahabad that evening before the
      contemplation started?" [Dialogues With the Master,

      "Sudar Singh. The Living ECK Master who lived in
      Allahabad, India, and taught Peddar Zaskq, also
      known as Paul Twitchell." [ECKANKAR Lexicon, pg.201]

      "Rebazar Tarzs. The torchbearer of ECKANKAR in the
      lower worlds; the spiritual teacher of many ECK Masters
      including Peddar Zaskq, or Paul Twitchell, to whom he
      handed the Rod of ECK Power in 1965..." [ECKANKAR
      Lexicon, pg. 173]

      "Paul first met Rebazar Tarzs in 1951 in the foothills
      of the Himalayas near Darjeeling. Before that on his
      first trip to India in 1935, [at age 27] he met Sudar
      Singh. We are still looking for information on Sudar
      Singh. We have gotten a lot of reports about an individual
      named Sundar Singh, who is not the same person at all."
      [HK: Looking at the Past for Spiritual Lessons]

      {Recall that HK states that at age 27 (1935) Paul hadn't done
      much in his life and hadn't traveled too far from home while
      'exaggerating' and 'twisting facts' to get into Who's Who in

      "Paul sent the manuscript of The Tiger's Fang to Kirpal
      Singh in India, which triggered a series of letters back and
      forth. It caused a very disagreeable situation when Paul
      wanted the manuscript back later. Paul had admired Kirpal
      Singh for a long time but then they had this little falling out.
      Perhaps they worked it out later." [HK: Struggle for Mastership]

      "Secondly, when Kirpal Singh found out about Paul doing
      Soul Travel workshops, he wrote a letter to the Parapsychology
      Foundation and informed them that Paul's works were a lot
      like his own. But Kirpal Singh never mentioned that he, too,
      had picked them up from someone before him."

      ME: Well, so much for the lineage of ECK Masters to keep
      the ECK Teachings pure! LOL!

      "In a way, he was trying to possess truth. But truth builds
      upon itself. Kirpal Singh had gathered it from other groups
      ... Paul had the ability to work as the Inner Master. Kirpal
      Singh also did to his chelas, and there are many other teachers
      who can do the same thing." [HK: Beginnings of ECKANKAR]

      It's interesting that Sudar Singh is not listed with the other
      ECK Masters in the Shariyat 1&2, pg.491, although, there
      are some strange ones mentioned. Why can't Klemp "know"
      of a former LEM/Mahanta from 1965 when he seems to be
      so informed about those from hundreds and thousands of
      years ago? Maybe because it's all a scam? I know so!

      Here's something a little strange from page 418 of the
      Shariyat Books 1&2:

      "Only the Godman, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master
      has attained this position called the Baba, or Babpu, of
      his people. But even he does not go by this title because
      he realizes that all men are equal and should not look
      upon one another as superior, and because he is the
      ECK in the human form and, therefore, subject to the laws
      of the world."

      Baba or Babpu? What's that about! Another funny
      thing is that this other statement is true for all Souls
      because we are, also, the ECK or SPIRIT in human
      form! No revelation or anything new here!

      Okay, one more quote from page 151 of the Shariyat
      Books 1&2:

      "It has been stated that the Living ECK Master can release
      Souls from the lower Astral Planes. This is also true of
      those who have reached the Ninth Plane of God under
      the Living ECK Master. These initiates of the Ninth Circle
      are privileged to name the Souls they want released, making
      it possible to unchain a dependent relative or anyone with
      whom they have close love ties."

      So how many Ninths has Klemp confirmed on the outer?
      I guess there's still HOPE isn't there! <smile>


      etznab wrote:
      prometheus writes:
      > <snip>
      > > However, SUDAR SINGH
      > > (a.k.a. Kirpal Singh) was suppose to have been the 970th LEM and
      > > was the one who PT claims to have initially instructed him and then
      > > passed him (PT) over to RT (after one year) for initiation into ECK.
      > <snip>
      > I wonder if there is anything in writing about the number 970 and the
      > "next master" being either Sudar Singh or Kirpal Singh - according to
      > any known path of masters.
      > Did the "path" that Kirpal Singh followed have a documented history
      > of nine-hundred-and-something masters?
      > I'm not giving any opinion on facts either way, but the number 970
      > is what I am curious about, and if there is another path that claimed
      > or claims to have a line of masters that long (besides Eckankar or
      > Eckankar "off-shoot" paths).
      > My hunch for now is that I simply don't know. Does anybody else?
      > In other words, is there more information on this?
      > Etznab
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