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  • prometheus_973
    Jul 5, 2005
      Betty's response on HCS is typically unoriginal, clueless and
      elitist. Hi Ingrid. Yes, I would say that Betty/Mario have a problem
      with ego, cognitive thinking, and paranoia. These conspiracy
      theorists also believe: in the 2nd gunman on the grassy knoll at the
      JFK assassination; the Apollo Moon Landings did Not really take
      place and were filmed on a movie set; that the planes involved in
      the 9/11 disaster had no windows, were not marked airliners, were
      flown by remote control by the U.S. government, and that the
      passengers were Not on the planes and are actually government
      employees who have been relocated! Wow! Tell that last one to their
      family members! It seems that Betty's/Mario's passion has replaced
      their common sense! Perhaps they miss being on pedestals when they
      were High Initiates (H.I.s) in Eckankar. Maybe they (ego) need to be
      seen as educators and heroes. Conspiracy theorists in general put
      together disparate facts tinged with paranoia.

      I found "comrade" Mario's post to be naturally in-your-face and
      arrogant, and I think he will come back again with more innuendos
      and back-handed insults... it's his nature.

      Betty's Kipling post ("IF") was very amusing. "If" only Betty
      didn't "deal in lies" or "if" she could really "think" for herself,
      but maybe her real goal "is the Earth and everything that's in it."
      Or, is her goal to someday "be a man, my son." It's too bad that
      Betty/Mario can't use her own words instead of others. However, I
      will have to give Betty credit (this time) for stating the source of
      her words. This is a rarity! Usually she plagarizes, paraphrases,
      mimics, copies, and parrots from her Icke/TRANCE/Cassiopaea sources.
      One should keep this in mind when reading anything she writes that
      seems intellectual and "factual." Yes, it's all a facade! This is
      true illusion!

      Even one or two of the B&M supporters aren't (most likely) who they
      seem to be either. I really think one is an Eckist (HK?) or someone
      else who really hates Ford! If I wanted to take Ford down I would
      just stroke the egos of Betty and Mario, support their conspiracy
      dribble, and voila'! This is one conspiracy that is much more
      believable. Then again, maybe the real conspiracies just aren't as
      interesting as the fictional ones. Perhaps B&M find this sci-
      fi/psychic/conspiracy thing much more intriguing than
      the "spiritual" stuff? There are certainly more people, it seems,
      who have had experiences with this other stuff than with true
      spiritual experiences. Maybe this is why there is this off-beat
      interest. If one has nothing else to compare to and No grounding of
      common sense or are mentally/emotionally imbalanced then I can see
      the attraction.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "ctecvie"
      <ctecvie@y...> wrote:

      >Well, Betty - you didn't say anything really new in your last, once
      again long-winded post. What strikes me again, as in all of your
      posts, is that you seem to think you need to "educate" and "teach"
      us "the Truth". Please remember that this is only YOUR truth and not
      THE TRUTH. There are a lot of truths out there - and all of them are
      personal and individual truths, backed up by our own and personal
      experiences, nothing more and nothing less. Even if you are not
      aware of it, you do talk down to the "uneducated" like I am one -
      and I do feel offended. Please don't try to justify yourself - I
      have heard it all, and it's of no use as this will be my only
      statement on this topic.

      >I'm really surprised to read that you are hardly more interested in
      conspiracies than JCP is! What a bold statement! All I can perceive
      is that you have hardly anything else to tell in your posts apart
      from the endless talk about conspiracies. Ah yes, there is something
      else - that Eckankar is still the highest path on earth. It seems to
      me that, to this day, you have not really left Eckankar. Obviously I
      do not agree with you at all - but this is my truth, just as the
      statement you make is your truth again. Remember that Eckankar has
      stolen a lot of wisdom, if not all of it, from other paths and from
      life itself - no wonder it's "close to the truth" as you say because
      that way, this is really very easy to do!

      >I'm always wondering from where comes your absolute certitude about
      how life works. I do think that you make valid statements which
      apply to many of us, but again - it's your truth, it's how you
      perceive life. This is very good. But please remember that there are
      a lot of fairly intelligent people out here who have all something
      to share - and I mean, to SHARE and not talk down to somebody - on
      that. Unfortunately, there was not much sharing going on during the
      last few weeks or months because Mario and you practically did all
      the "sharing" - interspersed by some highlight posts from Ed Kusi as
      mentioned above. I can say for me that I was discouraged from that
      by the way this BB was running because Mario and you clearly are
      dominating it. Fortunately, people braver than me spoke up
      eventually - and that gives me hope that the BB will eventually
      recover and provide the excellent spiritual and personal insights it
      had when I first came here.

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