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228Eckankar: The Wisdom Notes by H. Klemp ... June 2005 #4

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  • prometheus_973
    Jul 3, 2005
      Hello All,

      This last installment discusses "circle of initiation," which is
      always good for a belly laugh by former Eckists. Enjoy!

      HK: "Sometimes two people spend the same amount of time in a circle
      of initiation, but one of the two is far off track spiritually, and
      so it's not possible to give them the same initiation at the same

      ME: That's quite a spin sri Klempster! I've always been curious as
      to how those who are "off track" get ANY higher initiations! How
      does that work? Usually, however, if people don't join Eckankar at
      the same time they will not get the initiations together because
      initiations are generally based on time served versus spiritual
      growth. So: just keep your mouth shut; don't drink or smoke; always
      be happy and nice; go to the trainings and EWS to be seen; take
      satsang classes to be seen; buddy up to all of the H.I.s you can...
      phone them too; always talk about the love of the Mahanta or the
      Mahanta's love. This, and nothing else, will guarantee you those Eck
      initiations within the average time frame.

      HK: "And if there's a strong bond between a couple in such a case, I
      may not give the initiation to either. It could break them apart."

      ME: Wow Harold! What a load of bullshit! Are you saying this is what
      split you and Marge apart? What about Joan then? Actually, if there
      is "a strong bond between a couple" this is what would PREVENT them
      from breaking up! But, in other words, you are going to hold one
      back until the other catches up! I thought Eck was an individual
      spiritual path! The problem is that Klemp needs to equate initiation
      with level of consciousness and perspective. Therefore, Klemp can't
      have a couple (Soul Mates) that shares the same level of
      consciousness, but not the same initiation rank. If he did it would
      blantantly point out the lie about the validity of the initiations!

      HK: "Anyway, no Soul deserving of initiation is ever forgotten. The
      initiate who has earned it stands in a circle closer to the Master,
      the ECK, and the SUGMAD than ever before whether or not the outer
      initiation ever takes place."

      ME: So, I guess one progresses from the outer rings of the (inner)
      circle to its center to meet the Godman Klemp. It seems like Klemp
      is promoting a spiritual "schizophrenic split" within Eckists by
      emphasing the Inner over the outer. Hypocritical isn't it! This is
      confusing because when Klemp defined the three stages of the 9th
      Initiation (The Master 4 Discourses, Lesson 2) he stated that the
      last stage to complete the initiation was confirmation on the outer!
      Therefore, there is no "inner initiation" since it requires the
      final outer stage to "make it so!" Klemp likes it both ways doesn't
      he? Too bad that brain-washed Eckists are now incapable of critical
      thinking and just blindly accept all of Klemp's crap as truth!

      HK: "Why spill tears for another's state of consciousness? What's
      the hurry? All Souls achieve the state of God Consciousness in their
      own time and at their own pace. My love is with each of you on your
      journey home to God."

      ME: Why not say, "on your journey home to" SUGMAD instead of God? Or
      is God and SUGMAD one and the same for Klemp? That's strange! Why
      does Klemp do this? Maybe he's schizophrenic! Anyway, it's easy for
      Klemp to say "What's the hurry" isn't it! The hypocrite was in a
      hurry to be get that L.E.M. position wasn't he! Klemp is really just
      promoting a slow down of initiations because Eckankar is getting
      quite top heavy! Look at all of those 7th initiates smashing their
      heads on that glass ceiling! I keep telling Klempji to make the 7ths
      with 25 years as a 7th into 8ths. And make the 8ths into 9ths! This
      will open things up and give people more false hope of reaching the
      golden carrot or brass ring while riding the Eck merry-go-round. The
      only reason why Harold won't follow my suggestions is because of his
      ego since I came up with the idea first. Maybe I should be the 974th
      L.E.M./ Mahanta? Nah! I can't act "as if" or "play the game" as well
      as Klemp! I'm much more sane and honest with myself and others.

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