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226Re: Some of My Thoughts on Conspiracy Theories, Etc.

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  • prometheus_973
    Jul 2 9:58 AM
      Hi Ingrid,
      Yes, Icke the pseudo expert and pseudo spiritual master spreads fear
      and hatred through lies and misinformation much like those infamous
      figures in history. Icke doesn't even believe that the Holocaust
      took place! It is interesting how these power and money hungry con
      artists find just the right scam in order to pull in the suckers.
      Did you ever see the movie "The Sting" with Paul Newman and Robert
      Redford? This movie is a blueprint to show how easy it is to trick
      foolish, greedy, and egotistical people with partial truth.

      On another note: Yes, conspiracies have always existed... they too
      are part of the "testing ground for Soul" concept. However, this
      also means that we (Souls) have all lived before which means that we
      have been of different gender, race, religion, etc. , and have been
      both victim and persecutor.

      Betty, over on HCS, makes the statement that "everything is
      spiritual" as a means to justify her and Mario's constant ramblings
      of conspiracy/"spiritual" topics. If one sees life as a testing
      ground for Soul then she is correct, in part, that everything is
      spiritual. However, there is much more to this statement than she is
      apparently capable of seeing. Yes, there is negative and positive
      and something inbetween. But why chose or promote a negative con and
      its fear and hatred spin over the opposite? Where are the spiritual
      lessons to be learned and the responsibility to yourself and to
      others in finding real truth and sharing it (isn't the glass half
      full?). Apparently, Betty and Mario used no caution or
      discrimination in finding their new beliefs. Then again, according
      to their past BB posts, they bought into Icke and others while still
      being happily deluded members of Eckankar (pre-"Confessions"). What
      Icke presents, especially, with the "Protocols" (Illumanati) has
      been proven to be false by real experts. Therefore, how can one
      trust anything else Icke has to say when using any other "facts." As
      I have said before... Icke inundates his readers with so much
      information that most just accept it all as factual. After all, why
      question the words of an expert, or for that matter of a master?

      Of course, Ford has to take some responsibility, as well, for
      allowing the B&M crap to be posted constantly on his BBs. But, more
      on that in another post.


      >>Yes, talk is cheap! Just look at Klemp! However, Icke is also a
      liar just like his "TRANCE" buddies (Mark Phillips and Cathy
      O'Brien). The self created trap is believing that these people are
      not only being truthful, but that they also impart a "spiritual"
      message. I guess that Hitler and Stalin had spiritual messages too!
      Right judgment and critical thinking have been shut out by
      these "true believers" who ego's are "outside of the box." They have
      accepted an unoriginal, negative, and fictional mixture of partial
      truths to form a new secular religion with Ickeists like themselves.

      > You make a very good point here, Prometheus. Hitler had in fact a
      spiritual message, at least that was his point of view. He was in
      fact very interested in spiritual matters and knew a lot about it.
      He knew that the Swastika was a very powerful sign - he just turned
      it around, and thus lost its positive power and turned into a
      negative sign. He knew exactly about how to turn things around to
      influence, brainwash and harm people. Today, we always wonder how
      this could have happened, that so many people believed in Hitler -
      but in fact, it's happening here and now as well. The faith we put
      in so-called spiritual leaders and people like Icke and the
      Tranceformation people - it's the same faith Hitler's followers put
      in Hitler. The difference is only that those people obviously don't
      have as much power as Hitler had,and are not as dangerous as Hitler
      was. But if you strip everything and leave just the faith, then
      that's it.

      > Ingrid
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