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223Re: Some of My Thoughts on Conspiracy Theories, Etc.

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  • ctecvie
    Jul 2, 2005
      Hello Prometheus / Truthdecider,

      first let me say how much I enjoy the discussions going on here on
      ESA - very interesting for sure!

      > >And lastly, you wrote: "Intuition, insight, clarity, love and joy
      > are all factors that I experience in my life. Where are these in
      > world of David Icke and company? Nowhere!"
      > >Actually, David Icke's writings stress all of the above quite a
      > bit. He speaks at length about developing your intuitive
      > and living your life from the vantage point of who you really are:
      > divine, eternal, immortal, and infinitely loving being that is
      > actually already free from it's self created traps in the lower
      > worlds, and is already dwelling in the infinite love and joy of
      > own Beingness.
      > Yes, talk is cheap! Just look at Klemp! However, Icke is also a
      > just like his "TRANCE" buddies (Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien).
      > The self created trap is believing that these people are not only
      > being truthful, but that they also impart a "spiritual" message. I
      > guess that Hitler and Stalin had spiritual messages too! Right
      > judgment and critical thinking have been shut out by these "true
      > believers" who ego's are "outside of the box." They have accepted
      > unoriginal, negative, and fictional mixture of partial truths to
      > form a new secular religion with Ickeists like themselves.

      You make a very good point here, Prometheus. Hitler had in fact a
      spiritual message, at least that was his point of view. He was in
      fact very interested in spiritual matters and knew a lot about it.
      He knew that the Swastika was a very powerful sign - he just turned
      it around, and thus lost its positive power and turned into a
      negative sign. He knew exactly about how to turn things around to
      influence, brainwash and harm people. Today, we always wonder how
      this could have happened, that so many people believed in Hitler -
      but in fact, it's happening here and now as well. The faith we put
      in so-called spiritual leaders and people like Icke and the
      Tranceformation people - it's the same faith Hitler's followers put
      in Hitler. The difference is only that those people obviously don't
      have as much power as Hitler had,and are not as dangerous as Hitler
      was. But if you strip everything and leave just the faith, then
      that's it.

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