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  • ctecvie
    Jul 2 1:25 AM
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      Hello all,

      I was asked to post the contribution I made to the HCS Bulletin
      Board yesterday on ESA as well. So here it is - if anybody feels
      like cross-posting or sharing it with others, you are of course free
      to do so!


      Subject: Spiritual focus

      Hello JCP,

      thank you so much for speaking up on this BB. I agree wholeheartedly
      with what you say. I can't really imagine that ex-Eckists could last
      very long on this BB if it's spiritual guidance that they are
      seeking. In any case, had it been that way last year when I came to
      the BBs, I wouldn't have gotten involved with HCS at all. It is not
      spiritually uplifting for me for sure! I can't understand why people
      here, after having experienced what Eckankar did to them, would fall
      for even worse cults like Laura Knight and company. There have been
      Eckists who have left Eckankar and who have gone back after a few
      months - and I consider that kind of decision, albeit my
      difficulties of understanding it, a whole lot better than falling
      for Laura Knight. I think we all can do better than that!

      Mykel - thanks for your post, too. I sure miss, like you, Usually
      Skeptical a lot, I liked his/her pointed analyses very much. Perhaps
      he/she is one of the people who got fed up with all the conspiracy
      crap as well - who knows?! I sure can understand that! And the
      reason why Journey left is quite obvious to me - he/she was being
      put down so often by Betty and Mario that in the end he/she must
      have kind of given up. As far as I remember, Genti, another person
      whom I thought was very spiritual, left because of too much
      discussion about aliens and conspiracy. So, not many really
      interesting people are remaining here - of course Ed Kusi is always
      a highlight for me.

      Well, Betty - you didn't say anything really new in your last, once
      again long-winded post. What strikes me again, as in all of your
      posts, is that you seem to think you need to "educate" and "teach"
      us "the Truth". Please remember that this is only YOUR truth and not
      THE TRUTH. There are a lot of truths out there - and all of them are
      personal and individual truths, backed up by our own and personal
      experiences, nothing more and nothing less. Even if you are not
      aware of it, you do talk down to the "uneducated" like I am one -
      and I do feel offended. Please don't try to justify yourself - I
      have heard it all, and it's of no use as this will be my only
      statement on this topic.

      I'm really surprised to read that you are hardly more interested in
      conspiracies than JCP is! What a bold statement! All I can perceive
      is that you have hardly anything else to tell in your posts apart
      from the endless talk about conspiracies. Ah yes, there is something
      else - that Eckankar is still the highest path on earth. It seems to
      me that, to this day, you have not really left Eckankar. Obviously I
      do not agree with you at all - but this is my truth, just as the
      statement you make is your truth again. Remember that Eckankar has
      stolen a lot of wisdom, if not all of it, from other paths and from
      life itself - no wonder it's "close to the truth" as you say because
      that way, this is really very easy to do!

      I'm always wondering from where comes your absolute certitude about
      how life works. I do think that you make valid statements which
      apply to many of us, but again - it's your truth, it's how you
      perceive life. This is very good. But please remember that there are
      a lot of fairly intelligent people out here who have all something
      to share - and I mean, to SHARE and not talk down to somebody - on
      that. Unfortunately, there was not much sharing going on during the
      last few weeks or months because Mario and you practically did all
      the "sharing" - interspersed by some highlight posts from Ed Kusi as
      mentioned above. I can say for me that I was discouraged from that
      by the way this BB was running because Mario and you clearly are
      dominating it. Fortunately, people braver than me spoke up
      eventually - and that gives me hope that the BB will eventually
      recover and provide the excellent spiritual and personal insights it
      had when I first came here.
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