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2206An Eckie Story! :-)

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  • ctecvie
    Feb 2, 2007
      Hello all,

      This is an experience I had a few days ago. It's a proof that
      exceptional experiences happen to "ordinary" people, too! Not only to
      the "chosen eckie ones"! I even think some might envy me for having
      such a nice one! :-)

      After work, we went to a restaurant with some colleagues of mine.
      After having left the office and walking towards the restaurant with
      two of my colleagues, I realized that I had forgotten my cell on my
      desk in the office but I didn't want to go back to get it.

      So I asked one of my colleagues who was with me if he had the number
      of my boss or another colleague who were still at the office so that
      I could call them and ask them to bring it when they came to the

      At the same time, my colleague's cell starting ringing and from what
      my colleague was saying I understood that it was my boss. I thought
      oh great then I can ask him right away as soon as he is done talking
      to my colleague! But my boss asked for me right away and said that he
      had seen my cell lying on my desk and if this was normal? I said no
      it's not and that I was just about to call him and ask him to bring
      it with him. I told him he must have an additional sense for that and
      he said it was just a thought transmission. :) He wasn't making much
      of this at all! :)

      Great to have so thoughtful people around me, and this without even
      being a chosen ekkie one! LOL!
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