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  • mishmisha9
    Feb 1, 2007
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      I agree about the audience Klemp's book are directed to, and I also
      marvel at the books he recommends for reading as well--very inferior
      selections for the most part, but it helps keep the eckies distracted and
      delusional! Do you think that eckankar works best with the non-intellectuals?
      It seems that critical thinking is one thing a person has to shed when
      following this looney tunes religious path!

      One thing for sure, though, Klemp's recognition in the Who's Who of
      Literary Intellectuals really shows that most Who's Who, if not all, are
      yet again another form of bogus scamming. I'm sure most of us have had
      opportunities to have our names listed in various such pubs--which amounts
      to a good publishing business for those who make money from it, and it is
      very ego stroking for those like Klemp who like to see their names
      "honored" in such ways! Plus, it makes a good impression for the gullible
      to read this in the bio flap when deciding to purchase the eckancrap books.
      Works well in marketing Klemp's dumb books! I will say, though, that "Those
      Wonderful ECK Masters" is fun reading, because it is just so full of ridiculous
      cult scheming in hooking chelas and newbies. I had many a good chuckle
      reading it. So I don't feel too badly for buying it--good entertainment for
      an ex-eckist! LOL!


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      > >
      > > And I am so puzzled by the fact that he is a member of the
      > > "International Who's Who of Intellectuals, Ninth Edition! How
      > > does that happen when he writes so mundanely?? For example,
      > > from "Those Wonderful ECK Masters," he wrote:
      > >
      > > (in a dream state an eck chela wrote), "A woman approched him.
      > > 'I'm Harold Klemp's wife,' she said. 'I want to welcome you to
      > > Eckankar. My husband will help you anytime and in any way he can.'
      > > Then Wah Z (a name for me on the inner planes), the Inner Master,
      > > entered the room. His wife continued, 'I want to introduce you to
      > > my husband.' Wah Z repeated, 'Yes, I will help you in any way I
      > can.'"
      > >
      > > Does that sound like an intellectual? Sounds rather junior high to
      > > me which is where Klemp's maturity probably faltered and halted.
      > > LOL!
      > >
      > > Mish
      > >
      > I really don't have anything too helpful to offer about the who's
      > who intellectual thing, but I'd say whoever published this stuff is
      > slick as hell and knows exactly who their audience is. You know how
      > appearances can be deceptive - especially in the fun-house hall of
      > mirrors they call eckankar. :-)
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