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220Re: Some Aspects of the Original Teachings of Surat Shabda Yoga

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  • prometheus_973
    Jul 1, 2005
      Hello Truthdecider,

      First let me say that this is my thrid response to this post so I
      will be more brief this time just in case it also gets deleted. The
      other two posts were both lost on the final preview.

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "truthdecider"
      <truthdecider@y...> wrote:

      >Firstly, you sound like someone who is still very much involved with
      inner experiences, meditation, and so forth. I think that's great. I
      would love to hear more about whatever it is that you are involved
      with now.

      I see the outer and inner as pretty much one and the same, or as a
      blend. I don't do formal or structured meditations or
      contemplations. I view life from a very stress free and contented
      perspective. Stress is generally chosen by me intentionally or when
      I am in a state of imbalance. This perspective has opened up a
      unique view of life that needs to be experienced rather than defined.

      >Also, I wonder if you could elaborate for me on your feelings and
      thoughts as to how you currently differentiate between what you
      called the higher mental plane, the etheric plane, and the soul
      plane and beyond. I feel that I understand what Eckankar meant by
      these distinctions. And I feel I understand what Ford Johnson and
      HCS mean by these distinctions, which is somewhat different than
      Eckankar's take on it.

      Twitchell borrowed the God Worlds concept from others who probably
      did the same. In some cases the problem may lie in semantics. I see
      that there are stages rather than levels, heavens, or planes. In the
      stage concept (for me) there is no pecking order or linear climb in
      consciousness. There are no individuals climbing to greater heights
      or people saying, "I've been where you are." A "stage" can be
      experienced at anytime by anyone, and is not dependant upon higher
      or lower consciousness. The experience and lesson is always specific
      for that Soul.

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