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2199Fwd: Secret Words (was Re: Hello, former Eckist signing in)

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  • mishmisha9
    Jan 30, 2007
      Hi, All!

      Leaf, hope it is okay that I have reposted these messages
      from EckankarTruth, but I want to tie it in with a discussion
      taking place on HuChat about secret words in eckankar.
      I am posting the HuChat comments following Leaf's posts
      along with some of my own observations.

      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "tomleafeater"
      <tianyue@...> wrote:

      Okay, pony up, people! Tell us, what was your secret word
      from the second initiation? It is healing to give up that last little
      hold on the eckankar illusion!


      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "Tian Yue" <tianyue@>
      > Ha! That's good, revealing your not-so-secret secret word.
      > The initator's book has a list of them for the second initiates.
      I've a copy of the book buried somewhere in storage. My secret word
      that I received in the second, Huna, is straight from the book.
      > I find myself laughing...I remember giving people the second
      initiation, and having to give them a word. I was determined to get
      the word from the inner and not from the book. Jeez, I really find
      myself laughing about this now. I found the strangest words to give
      > Oh gawd... (I'm really laughing here)....they would give me
      skeptical looks as if they didn't quite buy into the word I'd given
      them, and I'd feel like a fool as the initiator, because I thought it
      was ridiculous, too. One word I gave someone was "anta" and I
      explained to the man receiving the word, "You know, as in 'Mahanta'
      but without the first syllable. Your word is 'anta.' " I felt like a
      complete fool.
      > Even I, as an H.I., knew it was silly, but at the time, I blamed
      myself, not eckankar. I wondered why there was so little training for
      initiators. I was a very self-honest person, and I knew BS coming out
      of my mouth when I saw it. I knew these weren't secret words I was
      giving people. What a weird situation to have to personally struggle
      with. I think the High Initiates are the most screwed up, self-
      deluded and exploited people in eckankar.
      > Kent
      --- End forwarded message ---

      Now, a recent post from a discussion on HuChat
      regarding "the secret word:"

      Dear Chris,
      Your issue is a very senstive one...There was a time i
      felt my secret word was no longer working for me.I
      felt i needed a change. I wrote to the Master about
      it, secondly, i sincerely did my friday fast and in
      the night i put a request to the master that "I need a
      new initiate word". So, i got ready to recieve it in
      the inner. But to my greatest surprise in the inner, i
      saw a man in a cage. Still in the dream, i wondered if
      i have not been using my word perfectly.
      with this experience, i took my word very siriously
      and started using it frquently as well. And it's still
      working perfectly.

      So, if you put the request to the master, get prepared
      to recieve it. The master will give it to you if you
      really need(earn) it.

      There's another way to do this. Go to Eckankar cosmic
      sea of words...try as many words as you like. Anyone
      that works for you, pick it and maybe talk it over
      with the master. Or, maybe, you can meet with any HI
      in your area for an advice. Thank you.
      (end of HuChat post)

      I was impressed at how the eckist writing the above
      post could so easily disregard the image of the man in
      the cage. Instead, he questioned if he was using his
      secret word properly rather than to contemplate why he
      was given the "gift" of this surprising image. Why didn't
      he try to figure out who the man in the cage was and why
      the man was in that cage?? Instead, the focus was on using
      the "secret word" and since the eckist did not like the image
      he was given, he worked it until he got rid of it--rationalizing
      it to fit exactly what he wanted regarding the secret word. It
      seems this is the way the eck masters are to be conjured
      up as well. Keep doing the spiritual exercises until you get
      them in your imagination . . . and then they will become
      real like you! But why wasn't the man in the cage "real" to
      this eckist? Why did he disregard it?

      It seems that the man in the cage was showing the eckist
      how trapped he is in eckankar, but there are none so blind
      as those who cannot see . . . or rather those who do not want to
      see. This is why eckists remain in the org. It's all selective
      perception: they see what they want to see; they believe what they
      want to believe--and the rest doesn't matter to them. It's not
      important in the state of delusion they choose to dwell in.