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  • tomleafeater
    Jan 17, 2007
      Hi Zoey,

      I've lived in many different cities as an eckist, and although there
      were differences in the local eck communities, usually the same
      tendencies emerge. I did meet a wonderful group of people in one
      community (a small group of friends within the larger group), but I
      was a high initiate, and I'm not certain that my status didn't play a
      large role in that group in how I was treated. But one can meet some
      nice people in eckankar. The problem is that as one progresses, the
      entrappments and enticements begin to be felt, as the climb through
      the initiations gets its grip on the unwary follower. It can produce
      quite a psychological hold on people.

      That feeling of having found a family is often a strong motivator,
      and its possible that feeling arises in people because they feel
      lacking in that kind of closeness, either from their own real family
      or because they're out on their own, alone, or what have you.

      Bottom line: I wouldn't think there will ultimately be a big
      difference in the Nashville group from other groups. So what does one
      do about that? Don't know....

      Send the family some links to David Lane's site? This is a tough one.
      Hard to communicate these facts without offending and appearing to be
      meddling. I guess it depends on the young woman, how close her family
      is to her. The good thing is that she's bound to find the information
      about eckankar on the internet sooner rather than later.

      Sometimes life has to take its course.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "zoey_true"
      <zoey_true@...> wrote:
      > years ago, during my eckle days, i travelled a great deal with my
      > job. (i think i've mentioned this before). at any rate, i came to
      > familiar with a number of eck communities. it always interested me
      > see how homogeneous they all were. wierd and unhealthy, but
      > homogeneous. this is one of the things that encouraged me to go
      > and leave the fold. i saw first-hand that the unhealthiness was
      > exclusive to one group, but infected them all.
      > now that was years ago, and i'm now in a town and life where no one
      > has ever heard of eckankar. but here is my problem, and question:
      > dear friend has a daughter who recently (6 months ago) moved to
      > nashville. she is an intelligent, gifted young career woman. she
      > phoned her mother to say that she has joined the most wonderful
      > spiritual group -eckankar. i talked to her a bit on the phone, and
      > she tells me that the eckists are warm, intelligent, creative,
      > caring, etc etc. she feels she has found a family.
      > i feel hesitant to say anything, especially since i know nothing
      > about the nashville eck community. that's one city i never visited.
      > can anyone share? i feel quite worried, i am close to the family.
      > are the eckists in nashville superior in some way to most
      > communities, or just the same old thing?
      > really want to know......zoey
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