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2158Joan Will Be the Co-LEM in 10/2007 - I have spoken!

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  • prometheus_973
    Jan 16, 2007
      Hi Mish,
      Yes, I believe that Klemp is preparing ECKists to
      accept Joan as the Co-LEM in 10/2007. Afterall,
      the negative "feminine principle" (pg.72, Eckankar
      LexiCon) is more suited to running the Eckankar
      org and is more adaptable to the Lower Negative
      Worlds where Eckankar resides. Klemp has also
      stated that all written words and even thoughts
      are 'No Higher Than the Mental Plane.' Therefore,
      a woman (Joan) could be at least a Co-LEM. HK
      would still be the "Full" Mahanta.

      Also, I'm certain that HK's purpose in explaining
      the difference between a 12th & 13th LEM/Mahanta
      "OF The Mahanta Consciousness" and a 14th
      "FULL" Mahanta in both the 07/2006 Letter of
      Light and in the 12/2006 Mystic World, Ask the
      Master #3 was for an ulterior motive... like to set
      Joan up as the Co-LEM. HK's not getting any younger,
      needs the help, isn't very trusting, and doesn't plan
      to retire anytime soon. Afterall, he still remembers
      how he shafted Darwin and that... What goes around
      comes around.

      What about Kata Daki (K.D.)? Since she's listed as a
      Vairagi Adept I don't see why Joan couldn't also be
      a 12th Initiate and Co-LEM. Through change is how
      ECK legends are born! And, I remember that HK once
      said that Eckankar did not believe in the traditions of
      man. Are ECK traditions to be protected? From what?

      It's all of the Lower World Planes isn't it and thereby
      ruled by the KAL anyway. So, why not Joan as Co-LEM!
      She can't do any worse than Klemp has done in his 24
      years of do nothing nonsense. Wait! There are those
      Guidelines, the RESA police, and fewer High initiations
      given out. Do you hear that thump thump? That's the
      sound... of those 7ths hitting their heads on that glass
      ceiling... there's no higher outer 8th initiation ever
      coming for most of them!


      mishmisha writes:

      It is a manual for self-brain washing really, and
      it is also a book that is paving the way for the next
      female eck master to be named--Joan Klemp.


      etznab wrote:

      I don't believe that Joan Klemp can become the
      Mahanta, the Living Eck Master.
      It is not something that I would care to debate
      or even discuss, but this is just sharing what is
      my opinion.
      BTW, thanks for illustrating that use of the
      word "legend" in the book that you mentioned.
      And yeah, I can see that now about the word
      real being what it was.
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