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2152The S.E. Klemp Uses Is Nothing New

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  • prometheus_973
    Jan 15, 2007
      Hi Mish,
      This spiritual exercise HK uses is very basic. I was
      taught similar ones during my "psychic" stage prior
      to Eckankar. Once, I went to a hypnotist doing past
      life regressions and the exercises he gave were like
      the ones Klemp uses. The key lies in what is mocked
      up and in the conscious/unconscious results expected.
      This can color the outcome of the S.E. It's, therefore,
      very difficult to be neutral. And, the more indoctrinated
      one is the more their experiences will be bias.

      When doing a type of S.E. one can visualize (when arriving
      on the inner Planes) or look down at their shoes to see what
      one is wearing or into a mirror to see the image when doing
      a past life regression. One can also use the S.E. to mock up
      an image of a real "Master" or otherwise. This is just basic
      Lower World stuff that almost everyone, including HK, teaches.

      I did one (decades ago) where I wanted to talk to Jesus.
      I counted myself back (10... 9... 8...etc.) to a very relaxed
      state and down from some light and puffy clouds to a beautiful
      beach. I decided to walk down the beach (with the sun and
      water to my right). Warm water would come in with the tide
      and wash over my bare feet as I strolled on.

      The breeze felt good and the sun was warm. I came
      to a large out-cropping of rock that I had to walk
      around in the shallow water. After going to the
      other side I noticed an image in the distance walking
      towards me. As we walked nearer to one another I
      recognized the person to be Jesus. His robe was blowing
      in the breeze towards the sand dunes. We stopped and
      faced one another.

      He gently smiled, we stood there briefly and turned
      together to walk (he was between me and the shore). We
      seemed to know each others thoughts, but nothing was
      said or even thought... we were simply in the moment of
      the Here and Now and thoughts were unnecessary. From
      another and more distant view I watched as we walked and
      saw the impressions our bare feet were making in the wet
      sand. We then stopped at the same time and we looked at
      one another. He smiled again and then said... He told me
      what I needed to hear from a respected source. It was a bit
      of Divine Wisdom to help me during this lifetime. He then
      repeated it again. I turned and walked back in the direction
      of the out-cropping rock around it, along the beach and back
      up to the clouds and then fully awoke.

      Actually, what was said to me by Jesus or by Soul or by SPIRIT
      was something that I had already known on one level of
      consciousness. I just needed to hear it from what seemed to be
      a Higher source other than my own mind, and that made all the
      difference! Still, I later joined ECKANKAR. However, I certainly
      wasn't as naive as most ECKists were then and are now. Perhaps
      this is what helped me to leave when I finally stopped lying to
      myself and making excuses for all of the negativity and broken
      promises and nutty behaviours I saw constantly from H.I.s.
      The revelations of truth via "Confessions" was what I needed
      to kick Klemp to the curb. No more fake master/mahanta for
      me... I'm Soul and the real deal. Why pay and trust a middleman
      to speak to GOD for you? Besides, Klemp is a poor listener and
      an even poorer excuse as a master of anything!

      p.s. Looking back on this early OBE/SE it seems that what was
      experienced on the beach, to some degree, was similiar to what
      was in the movie "Contact."

      Mishmisha wrote:
      Yes, Klemp even writes how those who practice the spiritual
      exercises diligently can come to believe they are real.

      For example on page 117, in "Those Wonderful ECK Masters,"
      Klemp offers this to his readers:

      "A Spiritual Exercise to Meet Rebazar Tarzs:

      Relax in contemplation with eyes shut. Picture yourself
      on a beach, walking in sand at the ocean's edge. The warm
      waters dance about your feet, and a light ocean spray
      splashes a refeshing coolness on your face. Overhead, silent
      white gulls sail upon the wind. Now breathe in as the waves
      gently wash toward you. Then, on the outgoing breath, sing
      Rebazar (REE-bah-zahr) softly in rhythm with the waves fleeing
      back to the sea. Do this exercise twenty to thirty minutes a day.
      After you're skilled at it, Rebazar or another ECK Master will come
      and impart the wisdom of God to you. At first you may feel you
      have met Rebazar or one of the ECK Masters only in your
      imagination. But with time and practice, you will find they are
      real people just like you."

      Please note Klemp doesn't say they are legends here, but
      that they are "real."
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