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212612/2006 MYSTIC WORLD - Ask the Master #1

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  • prometheus_973
    Jan 8, 2007

      Q: "What about writings that attack the authenticity of ECKANKAR?"

      A: "One former strong critic has stopped attacking the ECK teachings,
      even though his writings remain on the Internet. In fact, he now quietly
      supports us.

      Yet, ECKANKAR will always have detractors, since that is part of the
      educational system here.

      Oddly enough, the pattern of the negative worlds requires that truth
      be pelted from all sides. There must be a foil for every segment of
      truth on earth, because otherwise it could not exist below the Fifth,
      or Soul, Plane.

      Everything down in the spiritomaterial worlds requires the balance of
      its opposite for survival. The enigma of all this is that Soul recognizes
      the importance of the negative power as the educator or teacher, BUT
      It strives anyway to rise above restrictions of any kind in spiritual things.

      The point of any saint or teaching is: Can this lead anyone to the Light
      and Sound of God?

      Written words derive from a place no higher than the Mental Plane,
      because that is the source of the alphabet, symbols, and thought. The
      Essence of God, the ECK, has at that point just made Its incursion into
      the realm of negativity from the indescribable worlds of God above.

      More information is coming out all the time about people who have
      reported meeting ECK Masters, like Rebazar Tarzs, before they had even
      heard of ECKANKAR.

      I've included detailed accounts of many people's meetings with these
      ECK Adapts in my book Those Wonderful ECK Masters. Or see ECK
      Masters and You: An Illustrated Guide for a shorter introduction to
      these Co-workers with God and how they can help you.

      Yes, everything is in order."
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