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  • etznab@aol.com
    Jan 2, 2007
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      In a message dated 1/2/07 12:58:42 PM Central Standard Time, prometheus_973@... writes:

      BTW- Didn't DG split from Gail after about 4 years
      of marriage and prior to anything David Lane wrote?
      What's the Timeline on this? Just curious!

         IMO one would have to consider when the manuscript began.
      When Eckankar found out about its contents, etc. The book had
      other forms of "publicity" before the 1993 publication. Also the
      SCP was active as well.

         The wording I used in an earlier reference was too general I admit.
      I was looking at the history of David's book and the other writings
      that alleged plagarism before that. Without looking at the timeline I
      would guess the latter 70's when things started really hitting the fan.
      I remember that even Eckankar wrote something about the charges
      of other people and groups against Eckankar.

         So most of what I was referring to pertains to the latter 70's. OK,
      I'll check the timeline:


      (The following information represents the "view" of the author, and not
      necessarily of Eckankar): This is a "generic" outline only and viewers
      are hereby advised to research and/or crosscheck the information for
      themselves. - D.R.D.

      1972 Darwin & Gail married [October?]
      1973 Darwin referred to as Mahanta? (1973-1974?)
      1977 Term Paper / California State University, Northridge
              Letter / Alan Nichols to David Lane
      1978 Divorce Announcement / Darwin Gross
              Finished Manuscript / "The Making of a Spiritual Movement"
              Term Paper Sent to ECKANKAR / David Lane
              Informally Circulated Manuscript / "The Making of a Spiritual Movement"
      1979 Trivia / Religious Controversy [Los Angeles Times article, 05/30/79]
               Mystic World Publication [August]:

               Dear Fellow ECKists,

               There have been groups and individuals actively distributing
               misinformation about the ECKANKAR teachings. With this
               in mind, we wish to provide you with the following information...
               [....] (

               No Plagarism / The Far Country [According to Darwin Gross -
               December 27th, 1979]
      1980  Plans to Step Aside / Darwin Gross [March 1980]
               8th (Inner) Initiation / Harold Klemp [June 14th, 1980]
               Letter Excerpt / Dr. Louis Bluth [June 19th, 1980]
               The Wind of Change - "Copyright 1980
      1981  8th (Outer) Initiation / Harold Klemp - January 27th, 1981
               9th Initiation / Harold Klemp - July 22, 1981
               President of Eckankar / Darwin Gross? - October 1st, 1981
               Harold Klemp / The 973rd Living ECK Master - October (?), 1981

         These are the timeline titles mostly, with some clarifying references
      where deemed appropriate. The full timeline was voluntarily removed
      (by me) from the internet twice due to "peer" pressure and various
      other (personal) reasons.

         OK, Prometheus. Does this answer your question? David's book I
      believe was published in 1993 - a version of it at least. However this
      timeline does IMO indicate what I have alluded to before about Gail
      and Darwin splitting up and Darwin looking for another L.E.M. with-
      in a few short years [see 1977-1980, etc.] O.K. Does this clarify
      my (speculative, at least) point?


      P.S. Typos, Subject, and/or Timeline date corrections are welcome
      if they need apply. The forgoing information gives an observation only.
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