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  • etznab@aol.com
    Jan 2, 2007
      In a message dated 1/2/07 3:17:08 AM Central Standard Time, tianyue@... writes:

      I agree, but if everyone on such a site were exactly alike in their
      sentiments and opinions, there would be nothing to discuss. Is
      that what you want? If so, it would be very boring, I would think.


         Enjoyed reading your response and viewpoints. And no, it was
      not that I wanted to suggest everyone be alike. I was attempting
      to bring into consideration the middle or third element inside of
      any trivial equation consisting of two opposing sides.

         I'm not portrayiing trivia in a negative way, when I see it com-
      posed of the words tri ["three"] and via ["way"].

         Not always, but more during the past few months it has become
      more important to navigate history in this context. For me, that is.

         Perhaps like a ping pong ball traveling back and forth between
      some opposite extremes, I've come to a better awareness about
      the central net, that without which neither side could amount to
      any real difference. I know this is a vague point perhaps, but IMO
      I thought it nevertheless necessary to mention.

      Kent wrote:

      Yes, but again, there is no fixed, static balance. One moment it is
      day, then night, with the seasons changing, with longer days,
      then shorter days. The centerpoint will likewise shift. It is not
      fixed. To give an example far off the subject, to curtail global
      warming, as an important issue, is not much thought of as a
      centrist view, yet in my view those who care about the issue are
      very balanced and in the center on this issue, though they are
      thought to be extreme by many. It is often the majority who get to
      decide where the middle is, but that is not at all the same thing
      as balanced. Each person gets to decide what is balanced for
      him/herself. It is often different for each of us.

      Etznab responds:

         Thanks for sharing that (and the other parts that I didn't
      respond to). I like reading what others have to share,
      especially their sincere opinions - some of which may in-
      deed be the truth - no matter the venue.

         E.S.A. is a different B.B. compared to others, and even IMO
      it is NOT all bad.


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