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  • prometheus_973
    Jan 2, 2007
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      Klemp was selected by Gross because DG thought
      that he could control HK while he remained in charge
      as the Mahanta. Klemp would crank out the books,
      etc. that would bring in revenue and keep the
      membership both distracted and placated as DG
      partied on!

      Yes, Darwin discovered that Paul's religion that he
      too bought into was all a scam and that's one reason
      for his to rebellion through his bad behaviour. HK's
      bad behaviour stems from his delusion (mental illness)
      and his nasty temperment when dealing with the common

      I find it interesting that ECKists are always looking
      for an "ECK" connection in things that fit-in with
      their dogma, and refuse to see the KAL connection
      as well. Like with HK working in a 'Sound Proof Dark
      Room' at the ESC and then having Two meetings
      with Gross in these rooms to discuss HK taking
      over as the next LEM. Yet, ECKists will selectively
      choose what they see and close their eyes to these
      facts that Klemp mentions in Chapter 7 of "Soul
      Travelers of the Far Country." And yet, this apprentice
      (HK), has the nerve to call his mentor, who hands him
      the ROD, a Black Magician! Talk about 'the pot calling
      the kettle black!' LOL!

      BTW- Didn't DG split from Gail after about 4 years
      of marriage and prior to anything David Lane wrote?
      What's the Timeline on this? Just curious! Or, is this
      just more useless speculation. Let's face it - if anyone
      knew that Eckankar was a scam it was Gail! She was
      the one that encouraged Paul, supported him, and
      helped design the scam with Paul. Gail's done quite
      well for herself over the years hasn't she!


      Liz wrote:
      > Kent wrote:
      > Eckankar has distanced itself from its history that involves
      > Darwin, since the feud that occured is embarrassing to
      > eckankar. "Highest Spiritual Paths" don't like to reveal their dirty
      > laundry, lest they appear to not be so high, after all.
      > [Liz]:
      > My thoughts on how Darwin conducted himself is telling... he obviously knew
      > the whole thing was a scam, maybe not at first, but after being elevated to
      > god man he did.
      > And so, because it was a farce, why not kick back and enjoy the money, and
      > the worship? I have seen many scam artists enjoy the good life off of
      > someone else's money. Because he knew he was no god man, why not have a go
      > at the women, the booze etc....

      > Thing was, people were looking! And it wasn't very becoming of a god man,
      > the org knew people would leave in droves. Money is the motivator.......
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