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  • ewickings
    Jan 2, 2007
      Kent wrote:
      Eckankar has distanced itself from its history that involves
      Darwin, since the feud that occured is embarrassing to
      eckankar. "Highest Spiritual Paths" don't like to reveal their dirty
      laundry, lest they appear to not be so high, after all.
      My thoughts on how Darwin conducted himself is telling... he obviously knew the whole thing was a scam, maybe not at first, but after being elevated to god man he did.
      And so, because it was a farce, why not kick back and enjoy the money, and the worship?  I have seen many scam artists enjoy the good life off of someone else's money.  Because he knew he was no god man, why not have a go at the women, the booze etc....
      Thing was, people were looking!  And it wasn't very becoming of a god man, the org knew people would leave in droves.   Money is the motivator.......  
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