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  • ctecvie
    Jan 2 5:13 AM
      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, etznab@... wrote:
      --- snipped ---->
      > Some of the reasons for mentioning Patti is that she was close
      >to Paul
      > at one time. She wrote at least two books about him. And she was the
      > Publications Director after Paul was no longer living, but when a
      > of his books were getting published. How can we know for certain
      > any edits or revisions made to books under the Paul Twitchell name
      > Paul would not have necessarily made himself? I don't think we can.
      > it is possible that Gail (and even Darwin) might have done some
      > Is Harold or Eckankar Inc. responsible for this?

      *** In my view, it is HK or whoever runs Eckankar Inc., or the Inc.
      itself. It was published under Eckankar, or wasn't it? So who else's
      responsibility should it be?
      > Well, where is Patti? Where is Gail? Where is Darwin? Do they
      > belong to the organization?

      *** Darwin is the leader of A. T. O. M. It's their choice to come out
      with their records of their eckankar time or not. So, why ask those
      questions? They won't bring either of them forward.

      > If not, I wonder why not. Has Darwin written
      > a book about Eckankar since he left?

      *** My husband joined eckankar under Gross's regiment. DG was a
      musician - my husband said that he had written one book "Your right
      to know", and that it was terrible to read. So, he just isn't an
      author. Why then should he write a book?

      > Has Gail? Has Patti? Why not?
      *** Why should they?

      > You see, we are arguing and speculating about things that we
      > even write. Things that we didn't edit, revise, or even publish. I
      >say let
      > the people who did it come out and tell their stories. It might
      >even add
      > something to what we already know.

      *** If they want to come out, that is. And this is their choice, they
      can't be forced. A good part of history always remains speculation,
      and written records don't change that at all. And it seems to me that
      you started to ask (good) questions Etznab. So why complain about
      speculation now?

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