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  • etznab@aol.com
    Jan 1, 2007
      In a message dated 12/31/06 8:44:20 PM Central Standard Time, prometheus_973@... writes:



         Illustrating recorded history is one thing. Giving personal comm-
      entary and opinions about it is another. In many respects when a
      person comments and gives opinions they are correct, even to the
      point of exposing historical errors.

         When I started timelines about history I was well aware of this, but
      at the same time I chose NOT to give much of my personal comments
      and/or opinions because the truth is that I wanted people to have the
      freedom to decide for themselves.

         Yes, Prometheus, I have been wrong in the past and will probably
      be wrong in the future when giving my own comments and opinions
      about history. Even just recently I was wrong when stating that the
      October/November/December issue of the Mystic World amounted
      to three different issues when instead it was only one.

         Long ago I stated what were my two main issues with the recorded
      history of Eckankar. I believe that I mentioned on T.S. that the number
      one issue was the identity of Rebazar Tarzs. I'm not sure, but I think
      the second issue had to do with Paul Twitchell being poisoned and
      whether it was voluntary or unvoluntary.

         In some respects I have recently surrendered trying to get at the
      historical (rather the actual) truth on such matters because I am not
      responsible for the written history of Eckankar Inc.

         If Paul Twitchell had indeed traveled to India in 1935, yes one would
      think that this would be mentioned about Paul Twitchell in Who's Who.
      That Harold would have mentioned it too, in regard to the most he had
      done (the most Paul had done by 1935).

         In a sense I have looked at a bigger picture with regard to recorded
      history about Eckankar and the Eck Masters. I could surely give some
      comments and/or opinions that would make me a lot of friends and non-
      friends on both sides of the fence with a number of issues. But I have to
      say to myself: Why me? Why should I take the position of clarifying the
      outer teachings and history when there are those who are the more re-
      sponsible and more in a position to do so? Because even when I did go
      and illustrate (without commentary or opinion) what did exist, what was
      recorded according to members and non-members alike, I found that
      both sides, instead of attacking the illustrated material, that they could
      and did attack me! It was like I had become the responsible party simply
      for illustrating Eckankar "Trivia" on a timeline. Even with a revised version
      and disclaimer it was as if this was not my responsibility. I was reminded
      that it was Harold' Klemp's responsibility instead.

         So there is no more Eckankar "Trivia" Timeline page online that is
      sponsored by me. That doesn't mean I haven't preserved it for my own
      future reference. In fact I still add to it.

         In the future I am sure that more books will come out. Both from
      members and non-members of Eckankar. Heck, I even heard (but
      can't vouch for the credibility of it) that Gail herself was writing a
      book. I'm sure you've heard this too. Is it true? Where is Tuza Hu?
      Why don't they grace us with their presence here on E.S.A.? Is it
      because those who have information about history are the most
      well-liked people on Earth? Especially if they have information that
      runs contrary to the established order?

         Tuza Hu says that Brad Steiger had a lot to do with the writing
      of some Eckankar books. Or did somebody just say T.H. said it?
      Either way, it was Brad Steiger who wrote In My Soul I Am Free,
      or at least had something to do with it. He seemed to suggest that
      Paul Twitchell had been to Paris France, which wasn't true. So
      what else has Brad given us that was/is not actually true?

         Honestly, I would love to see Tuza Hu come out and prove that
      Brad Steiger had anything to do with writing the Shariyat's One
      and Two. What else does rumour have it that he also wrote? Was
      it the Spiritual Notebook with a timeline of Eck Masters in it? It
      sounds preposterous what some have claimed that this Tuza
      Hu has said. To me it does because if that were true it would most
      definitely put another name and face on the picture of recorded
      history. If it's true, I say let people know it. Let people know who
      wrote the books about Eckankar history.

         I believe it was Patti Simpson who was the Eck Publications Director
      from about the time when Darwin Gross became spiritual leader of the
      Eckankar organization. Ironically, it seems that she was also dismissed
      from some position at about the same time that Darwin was dismissed
      from his. She was replaced as secretary of Eckankar by Joan Cross,
      who later became Harold's wife?

         Some of the reasons for mentioning Patti is that she was close to Paul
      at one time. She wrote at least two books about him. And she was the
      Publications Director after Paul was no longer living, but when a number
      of his books were getting published. How can we know for certain about
      any edits or revisions made to books under the Paul Twitchell name that
      Paul would not have necessarily made himself? I don't think we can. And
      it is possible that Gail (and even Darwin) might have done some editing.
      Is Harold or Eckankar Inc. responsible for this?

         Well, where is Patti? Where is Gail? Where is Darwin? Do they still
      belong to the organization? If not, I wonder why not. Has Darwin written
      a book about Eckankar since he left? Has Gail? Has Patti? Why not?
      And what about Brad Steiger? Has he written any more books?

         The truth about history as I can give it is only speculation and heresay.
      Quoting others and what they wrote is perhaos the closest that I can
      come to the actual truth when it involves events that I did not directly
      witness. But most of the books and the writings that people argue about
      were put out by people who knew the author in some way. A good number
      of which I imagine are still living. What do they have to say about issues
      of recorded history.

         You see, we are arguing and speculating about things that we didn't
      even write. Things that we didn't edit, revise, or even publish. I say let
      the people who did it come out and tell their stories. It might even add
      something to what we already know.

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