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2The Spiritual Hierarchy according to the Eckankar Lexicon

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  • prometheus_973
    Mar 7, 2005
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      Isn't it strange that Eckists just don't seem to question authority.
      Even Catholics (American) will question the infalliabity of the Pope
      and the laws of the Church. Why are Eckists so passive, introverted,
      and socially inept? Please don't confuse this mindless fog of
      approval with detachment.

      On page 197 of "A Cosmic Sea of Words, The Eckankar Lexicon" is the
      definition for spiritual hierarchy. I find it interesting that Klemp
      has taken 95% of the Eckankar Dictionary by Paul Twitchell but does
      not mention this in the jacket. Klemp "created" another book to add
      to the multitude by deleting and revising interesting information,
      while adding his own twist.

      I will give my own comments to the problems with this definition
      after listing it as follows:

      "Beginning with the Sugmad, followed by the ECK and the Mahanta, the
      Living ECK Master, the Adepts of the Order of the Vairagi, the Lords
      of each plane within the higher worlds, the guardians of the
      Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. Over the lower worlds Sugmad placed Kal
      Niranjan, the Lord of the negative worlds; then came the Lords of
      Karma, the devas (angels), planetary spirits, bhuts, and elementals;
      then came man and all the creatures subordinate to him: fish,
      animals, reptiles, plants, and stones."

      In the Eckankar Dictionary Twitchell mentions the Mahanta and
      the "Living ECK Masters" (plural). And, where are the Nine Silent
      Ones? Where is Sat Nam? Where is Soul listed in this hierarchy? NO
      WHERE! Also, why would fish be listed before animals? This doesn't
      make sense! If Harold was going to do a revision and take full
      credit for this book then why did he (the infalliable mahanta) screw
      this up! The highest consciousness on the planet (the L.E.M.,
      Mahanta) really let us down on this one! Do you think anything else
      might not be what it seems in the Eckankar Corporation?

      Anyway, I'm amazed that I never really looked at this before! I
      guess I was just used to accepting everything and anything without
      question. Of course, if one did have questions, to whom would you
      ask? Too many questions doesn't look good because it makes it seem
      you have doubts and are "out-of-balance." Eckankar teaches people to
      fit in (cult behavior) by not asking questions and learning to shut-
      up and take it (questions) to the "inner."

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