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1996Re: Joe Homsey - the Messenger Of The Mahanta! LOL!

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  • mishmisha9
    Dec 12, 2006
      Hi, Ingrid!

      I just read this too and noted that Joe is still being
      moderated--his message had to be approved. I
      think his "enlightening" stories will make some of
      the less "enlightened" eckists jealous. I would also
      expect that Cheryl will have even better stories to
      top Joe's. Her experiences and opinions are always
      so much more superior--the way her delusional
      mind functions, that is! : )

      Anyway, in my message about some Hu-Chatters
      being moderated, I want to add that it is not just
      the newbies who are put on that status. I know
      Cheryl explained how it worked with the newbies,
      but she failed to mention that anyone at anytime
      could also be put back on moderated status if they
      posted something disagreeable on Hu-Chat. Case
      in point, poor Charlene, a long time participant on
      Hu-Chat said something to Cheryl she didn't like, so
      Cheryl did what she has the power as a moderator to
      do, she place Charlene on moderated status--it was
      temporary, but very forceful. I guess Harold's
      comment in the H.I. Newsletter fits this Cheryl & Co.
      behavior! Harold wrote: "These foxes--power
      eaters--are extremely stubborn in their determination
      to dominate others. IF they could only see themselves.
      Their motto: 'My my or the highway.'"

      Harold really needs to get busy and clean out that
      henhouse. He needs to put Cheryl & Co. in its
      rightful place. He further stated: "Sweep the way
      clear of a fox. Allow the ECK chelas to serve. Let
      them unfold, so that their spiritual reward can be
      greater than any pot of gold." Unmoderating Joe
      and allowing his messages to go through
      un-impeded would be a positive start! : )

      I think any true believer in eckankar should not
      place himself on a path where foxes like Cheryl
      will impede his progress by controlling if and what
      a "precious" Soul might want to express and
      share. Cheryl & Co should not be the censors of
      their fellow eckists. Who gave Cheryl this right?
      I think she gave herself the power! However, it
      doesn't sound like Harold approves. I'm beginning
      to think, though, that many eckists don't really
      care what Harold likes or not. They don't seem to
      listen to him all that well. But maybe some will
      read his H.I. Newsletter, the lower initiates as well
      as the higher initiates--some will get the message,
      I'm sure! But others will most likely continue to
      bury their heads in the sand--preferring to listen
      to the prattlings of the underlings and allowing
      themselves to be abused and controlled by foxes!


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com,
      "ctecvie" <ctecvie@...> wrote:
      > Hello, all!
      > This is what Joe posted today on huchat:
      > Quote
      > ***********************
      > It started with my first series of discourses. One evening, while at
      > dinner, I was telling a friend all about ECKANKAR...at least from my
      > own limited perspective. The next day, in the mail, I received my
      > next
      > month's discourse. In it, I saw all the same concepts that I had
      > discussed the night before.
      > The same inner teaching has occured many, many times over the years.
      > Sometimes the thoughts and images I receive show up a few days later.
      > Sometimes it's months, even years before it appears in print. But
      > show
      > up it does. There has always been those who scoff, those who attempt
      > to belittle or discount the little snippets I pick up. Sometimes
      > they're non-Eckists. Sometimes it's ECKists who do their best to
      > discredit my info. I've learned well to just provide the viewpoints.
      > Sometimes I do it with pointed purpose. Sometimes I offer gentle
      > poetry, prose or quiet conversation.
      > Some will hear. Some will not.
      > ***********************
      > Unquote
      > I see a kind of "Jesus phenomenon" here! Is Joe feeling pursued by
      > his fellow huchatters? So, the "teaching" Joe receives is the one and
      > only, the true one? Will we soon have another mahanta by another name?
      > And why does this remind me of Betty's speeches over on TS? I think
      > it's just the same old crap from people who are still deeply into
      > eckankar and who haven't changed their viewpoints at all!
      > Ingrid
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