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1972Re: Hu-Chat should be renamed Cher-Chat!

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  • prometheus_973
    Dec 2, 2006
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      Or, maybe HU-Chat s/b renamed KAL-Chat! It is obvious Cheryl has Not
      had decent or recent Arahata Training. An Arahata (ie. moderator,
      facilator, Cleric, ESA, etc.) Does Not negate what another has
      shared in Eck large group or small group discussions. They are to
      support people and Not add to, challenge, or disregard another
      person's experiences or POV.

      When I took the first Arahata Training coming out of the new RESA
      structure, long ago, my RESA had the training as a pass/fail course.
      This caused some Eckists to be "weeded out" as Arahatas until they
      could retake the course at some future date years later. Not all
      RESAs had this restriction and, therefore, passed everyone... like
      the Cheryl types of Kal-Eckists. These types just can't keep their
      big fat mouths shut, or Listen and Learn!

      However, as I've said before, Cheryl is proof that the Eck Circles
      of Initiations are phoney. The Kal-Eckist Cheryl (a HU-Chat
      moderator) is an Eck 5th Initiate with around 20 years of
      apprenticeship under Klemp! What has she learned? Look at her words
      and behaviours! 20 years of Eckankar study and guidance by Klemp and
      being given a 5th initiation has resulted in what we see today as
      Cheryl's character (or lack of) on HU-Chat. Why oh why would someone
      reading Cheryl's nasty two-faced comments ever want to join Eckankar?

      Now I know that I'm, kind of, defeating the purpose of this anti-
      Eckankar site by pointing out Cheryl's negative behaviour to
      everyone at the ESC. I should be supporting Cheryl and encouraging
      her to stand her ground and to speak her mind! Unfortunately, that
      goes against the grain of truth with me. I just have to speak up
      when I see unethical behaviour, foolishness, untruths, and

      This (and more) along with Ford's book "Confessions of a God Seeker"
      is what caused me to leave Eckankar! Some of Klemp's stupid little
      simple-minded one dimensional stories, the misbehaviours, clueless
      fellow H.I.s, the negativity and control, the lack of attentiveness
      to details or to follow-through from Klemp on down, and seeing
      morons like Cheryl having a Higher Initiation were all straws that
      led to the breaking of the camel's back!

      Putting all of these observations together along with the uncovering
      of Twitchell's lies finally made it all clear! I could now see and I
      now understood WHY I was having so much trouble with it all for so
      long. It wasn't me - it was them (PT, DG, HK) and Eckankar! This was
      an incredible revelation for me! I knew that something was wrong all
      those years, but I couldn't quite figure out what it was. I had
      discounted all of David Lane's stuff (without ever reading it)
      because he wasn't an Eckist so how would he know about the chela-
      Mahanta relationship? And, some still believe, so what if Twit took
      some things from others just look at what we all (including
      religions) have incorporated from others throughout history. This is
      progress! No ones needs to re-invent the wheel, although, it can
      always be improved upon. However, this is also why people can, on
      their own, manifest from a variety of sources and find out what
      works and what doesn't. We can all be our own Guru/Master without
      the middleman PR... and work with Spirit and go directly to the
      Source as Soul!

      Religion is for the masses of weak minded fearful submissive
      followers and Not for the fearless independent Soul.

      Many H.I.s see my point and have pulled back from the outer Eckankar
      org. The 7ths who have hit the Outer Initiation Ceiling definitely
      see the points I have shared! But, when 7ths have that much time and
      money invested and have Eck friends and some respect via the 7th
      Initiation Rank why give that up? I can see their POV in staying!
      But, on the other hand many 7ths left! The problem in staying is
      that one is still influenced by the Eck dogma of "needing and
      surrendering" to a LEM/Mahanta and, thereby, Spiritual Freedom and
      Self-Mastery is never accomplished in this lifetime by the chela.
      This Eck religious dogma, however, is just another flavour of
      religion and is still a subtle Kal trap. Not many long-time Eckists
      figure this out. However, Eckists should understand that it does
      take time to re-transform one's life via Spiritual Indepencency
      (which leads to Self-Mastery), and the clock is ticking. The trick
      is "knowing" when you're ready to make the jump - then it comes down
      to just doing it!


      mishmisha wrote:

      Hi, All!
      It looks like Cher over on Hu-Chat is attempting to re-position
      herself on the control throne on Hu-Chat by posting some holier than
      thou-type posts--her eckie spiritual speak, that is! But it is tough
      for her to apply the "is it true, is it necessary, is it kind" test
      to all that she posts or to demonstrate that she truly believes in
      the theory of Soul equals Soul. Right now Cheryl is doing some lip
      service, but it is very shallow at best!

      The more recent discussions on Hu-Chat have been on the topic of
      abuse and responsibility and how to deal with being abused/over-
      coming the damage it has created in one's life. Many Hu-Chatters are
      now openly discussing their experiences and how they have dealt or
      are dealing with the abuse. One member mentioned how a book
      called "Conversation With God" helped her to move out of an abusive
      relationship successfully. But because this book is not an eckankar
      sponsored book, Ms Cheryl could not help but add her two cents worth
      worth. This is what Cheryl wrote: "From what I've heard about this
      book, it has served the Christian community very effectively in some
      circles. Not exactly my cup of tea. Is that too 'ECKY'? <chuckle>"

      Frankly, who cares what Cheryl's cup of tea is??? Hu-Chatters should
      ask themselves how valuable are Cheryl's opinions vs anyone else who
      posts there? Cheryl seems to think they are but that doesn't make it
      so. Was Cheryl's response to the other member's post "true,
      necessary or kind" and did Cheryl treat the member from the view
      that "Soul equals Soul?" I don't think so! But maybe Hu-Chat would
      be better named Cher-Chat! LOL!

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