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1962Kal-Eckists - They're Everywhere!

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  • prometheus_973
    Dec 1, 2006
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      Hi Zoey and Mish,
      You both make some good points about the Kal-Eckist, Cheryl, on
      Eckankar's HU-Chat [Vahana (missionary)] site. I always thought that
      Cheryl was a frustrated 4th Initiate like Peter A. who had to become
      a "Cleric" via the Universal Life Church. Now a days, Eckists cannot
      become Clerics in Eckankar without two years as a 5th Initiate plus
      the trainings, recommendations, etc.

      C.G.'s vanity would, more than likely, indicate that she was now
      an H.I. I'm always amazed to see how Cheryl ends up negating
      her "humble" and "sensitive" posts with her two-faced <smile>. Yes,
      she's good at judging others without taking any responsibility or
      ownership for her own nastiness. There have been many on HU-Chat
      that never attacked her, but needed to defend themselves or leave
      the site due to her negativity. Cheryl was always the suspicious and
      aggressive one (a true Kal-Eckist) ready to pounce like a mad (and
      untrained) attack dog!

      I'm really surprised that an Eckankar Vahana site like HU-Chat
      wouldn't have oversight by Public Information or RESA Services at
      the ESC. What is Klemp thinking?! Cheryl G. and other like-minded HU-
      Chat Vahanas are loud and clear proof that Eckankar is a big pile of
      crap! There is No Higher Leadership Consciousness by Klemp's RESAs
      or ESC Staff members. And, there is No Higher Consciousness via
      Outer Communication, Responsibility, and Follow-Through by Klemp, as
      the LEM. Therefore, how can there be true Inner Communication by a
      Mahanta if the LEM can't even deal with the Lower Planes! The proof
      is in the pudding and Cheryl and company is proof of Klemp's
      ineffectiveness and claims as a "Modern Prophet" or anything else!

      When the "Prophet" (Klemp) doesn't know about Cheryl types what does
      that say about his powers and insight! Or, if Klemp does "know" of
      Cheryl and permits this Kal like behaviour what does that say about
      Klemp? I really think that the Cheryl types of Kal-Eckists is just
      more proof that Klemp is also a Kal agent and that Eckankar is just
      another illusional religious trap!


      Zoey wrote:

      Couple of years back a friend and I confirmed, for anyone with sense
      to see, what cher is all about. I set myself up as a detractor,
      while my friend set himself up as pro-eck. My friend would post
      passages which he credited to klemp or twitchell. Mostly these
      passages were hogwash. Although the passages sounded quite
      esoteric, they were totally senseless manure. Cher would praise
      them, agree with them, condone them, etc etc etc simply because he
      put the eck brand on the mess. Sometimes he posted passages that
      utterly contradicted eckankar perceptions, and again, they sounded
      quite mystical. As long as the stuff was attributed to eck
      literature, chernobyl was dancing on her fat little feet in

      I, on the other hand, posted passages straight from klemp and
      twitchell. I often quoted the shariyat. Because I was a known
      detractor, chernut tore sh** out of it all. It's not that I would
      expect even the most aredent eckist to memorize the entire eck
      library, but the passages I posted encapsulated key concepts. But I
      attributed them to Ford, or Lane, or whoever; so the enlightened
      eckists pissed on their own scripture.

      In all fairness I met a few, a very few, eckists who had some grasp
      of spiritual process - and chose, for whatever personal reasons, to
      stay with eckankar. But the majority were variations of cher. Folks
      who had simply grabbed on to an available raft. It could have been
      any raft, but, in their moment of need, the eck ship floated
      across their transom.

      For the chers, eckankar exists as some conglomeration of personal
      need and makeshift spiritual ideas. The potential for authentic
      growth, even transformation, which is possible when one undertakes a
      spiritual discipline (vigorous self honesty), totally eludes the
      chers as they pass out fliers, post endless eckle platitudes, and
      battle the detractors. This mindless warfare is the substitute for
      the rigors of authentic evaluation.


      Hi, Zoey!

      I think I read this dialogue with Cher over on A.R.E., but I don't
      recall how she extricated herself from "the" test! Or if she was
      even clued in that it was a test that she failed miserably. The one
      thing I notice with Cheryl, and the other eckists like her, is that
      she seldom if ever apologizes for being wrong, nasty, insensitive,
      etc. The best one can expect is a slight acknowledgment with one of
      her "<grin>"s! Or she sinks back down into the hole she crawls out
      of and remains hidden until she thinks it has all gone away. One
      doesn't know what she is doing behind the scenes as far as getting
      her "friends" stirred up enough to do her battling. Basically,
      though, Cheryl "knows everything!" I mean "everything!" Mention a
      topic and she has the answer or best opinion. She is so well
      schooled and her mental processes are working with such clarity that
      she above all others is above reproach--NOT! Cheryl is a real "big-
      headed" joke, and she's a major reason for people to be turned off
      from eckankar. Her vahana work as exemplified by her higher
      initiation behavior and comments does serve the purpose of
      discouraging others from wanting to get on the eckankar bandwagon. I
      also suspect that she has driven some eckists to leave the
      teachings, because she is definitely good proof that eckankar is (to
      use one of your terms) pure hogwash! Spiritual seekers do not need
      to follow a master or listen to the dribblings of such delusional
      chelas like Cheryl! However, personally, I enjoy watching the
      destructive workings of Cheryl--she does a great job of detracting!
      She's sort of like a team member for us here on ESA! We point out
      the flaws in the teachings and she demonstrates them for us! LOL!

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