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  • prometheus_973
    Jun 18, 2005
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      Hi Ingrid,

      Yes, it's too bad, in one sense, that HK isn't aware of his
      followers gullibility or lack of critical thinking... he would be
      having some good laughs! But, it's even sadder that HK isn't aware
      of his own delusions, gullibility, and lack if consciousness.
      Actually, maybe it's not so sad. If HK was more aware he might be
      more clever (a better con-man) in hiding these facts than he has
      been. Of course the Eckist ego, through the use of the "As If"
      effect, also tends to hide the Truth from Soul via delusion as well.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "ctecvie"
      <ctecvie@y...> wrote:
      > Hello Mish and Prometheus!
      > > Good post revealing this bit of the Gross/Klemp story! It is
      > > mentioned in both of Klemp's autobiographical books. Both books
      > are
      > > basically the same, but Klemp republishes many of his writings
      > under
      > > new titles--anyone notice that?
      > Oh yes - he keeps recycling and recycling things - and sometimes
      > takes whole discourses and publishes them! I remember having
      > that with a youth discourse series - it did make me wonder but
      > was all at the time! :-) "The "modern prophet" is a recycling as
      > well ...
      > > I did because I read all of his
      > > transcripts and some other books in a year's time. Much was
      > > extremely redundant! Why, did he do this? Well, it keeps people
      > > buying new books--keeps the money rolling in. I think it is an
      > > indicator of how easily brainwashed and misled people can be in
      > such
      > > situations. I wonder if Harold even chuckles to himself at how
      > > gullible people are when they keep spending time and money on
      > > recycled books??
      > It took me a bit longer to notice ... but finally I did through
      > years. :-) Oh, I think Harold doesn't even notice the gullibility -

      > in a sense, it's sad because that way, he misses a good laugh from
      > time to time! ;-))
      > >
      > > One story he tells in both of his autobio-books is the one where
      > he
      > > was a very young boy and an adult made a joke with other men at
      > > little "Harold's" expense. It embarrassed Harold greatly, and it
      > > seems to this day, he has not gotten over it. He seems to hold a
      > lot
      > > of anger about it. I wonder why he can't reflect on it with
      > > adult "eyes?" Why does he continue to see it negatively instead
      > > as a positive learning experience. The man just made a funny
      > to
      > > create laughter and fun with the group of farmers who were
      > > together that one day. It was a social thing, and I'm sure the
      > > did not realize that sensitive little Harold was so offended--
      > > still is to this day!
      > A good psychotherapeutic session would have had him rid of that -
      > but apparently he needs that because, were it otherwise, how could
      > he tell those stories? He needs something to tell - and perhaps
      > that's why anything related to psychology / psychotherapy is
      > regarded as much "lesser" than Eckankar ...
      > >
      > > This anger is definitely a flaw that has been long standing with
      > > Harold, and it explains why as L.E.M. he can so easily dish it
      > > but can't take it. He demonstrates this angry behavior in some
      > > his talks and writings (other stories)--and it also explains why
      > he
      > > comes down hard on some of his "miscreant" followers. It
      > > down through the organization, as well, as H.I. leaders emulate
      > his
      > > behavior and mistreat other Eckists: the silent treatment,
      > shunning,
      > > taking away initiations and positions and so forth.
      > There's a saying in my language that goes like that: as the
      > so the follower - it's easy to see in Eckankar! :-)
      > >
      > > Well, what an experience Eckankar has been! : )
      > It definitely has been - and good that it "has been"! :-)
      > Ingrid
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