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1867The Malevolent Face of Eckankar

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  • mishmisha9
    Nov 5, 2006
      Hi, Ingrid, Skard and All!

      Ingrid, thanks for reminding me that the story Skard shared about
      how Klemp treated the older lady at the DC seminar is also written
      about in Ford Johnson's "Confession of a God Seeker." I cannot
      emphasize enough how valuable Ford's book is in sorting out the lies
      and deceptions in Eckankar. It's a very good tool.

      On page 162, in "Confessions" Ford wrote the following:

      "I remember one seminar at which a woman from the audience asked
      Harold what provisions had been made for Eck Masters who were no
      longer the spiritual head of Eckankar--an obvious reference to
      Darwin Gross, the former Living Eck Master recently expelled from
      the teaching. The issue was obviously very sensitive to Harold, who
      had survived several disquieting years of conflict with Darwin. From
      atop his stool on the stage of this gigantic room, Harold raised his
      voice and chastised her for her impertinence. He concluded by
      suggesting that her light was dim, if not out. The rebuke was so
      unexpected and stinging that it devastated the poor woman. A moan
      and then a hush came from the audience. Few questions were asked
      after this exchange; a lasting impression had been made on everyone.
      this seemingly meek and mild-mannered man revealed a side with which
      one would trifle only at great risk.

      I hasten to point out that this is not the typical mood at Eckankar
      events. Indeed, there is a strong sense of love, devotion, and
      service, which is at the heart of Eckankar's attraction. Yet, this
      malevolent face of Eckankar does exist and lays in wait with
      threats, injunctions and dire consequences for those who would
      venture into prohibited areas of thought, word, or action." (end of