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1865Ego vs. "I"

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  • makiztor
    Nov 5, 2006
      The last of Paul Twitchell's "Letters to Gail" was written March
      16th, 1965. It was entitled: What is God. Fourteen years after Paul
      reportedly met with Rebazar Tarzs (1951), he didn't mention in this
      letter to his wife( married in 1964?) the name Rebazar Tarzs or the
      word Mahanta.

      In Leters to Gail, Volume 3, Paul wrote another letter. On January
      1st, 1965, he wrote a letter entitled: The Universal "I". No mention
      of Rebazar Tarzs or Mahanta here either. But according to "memorable
      copyright" I can share with you this:

      When a teacher, guru, master, ECK Spiritual Traveler, or one who
      is highly spiritualized says, "Come unto me and I will lift you up,"
      he means the universal "I" will do this, not he as the individual.
      This is why faith is required at first: that is, until the follower
      learns what the guru is speaking of. If the guru is not a true
      teacher, then he will speak only in the terms of "I" the ego, not "I"
      the spiritual consciousness. But you can tell this by the way he says
      it. Don't worry how you will know; you will - mainly through

      [Letters to Gail, Volume Three, by Paul Twirchell, copyright 1990
      ECKANKAR, pp. 240 & 241]

      According to my impression of this book by Paul, the savior is
      what I tried to describe in a post named Brand New Beautiful Day.
      My impression was that our savior is the "spiritual consciousness" in
      us all".

      In a song by U2, Beautiful Day, the last words are edited out in
      many of the public versions. Last words that contain the word Soul,
      over and over. Even shouted out, over and over. If you have never
      heard the live version of Beautiful Day, I can assure you it sounds
      nothing like the store-bought version.

      As for Letters to Gail 3, that book was discontinued and as far as
      I know is out of print. For many it will only exist as a "Memorable
      copyright" of what they once looked at, heard about, or read. Someday
      it could even turn into a legend, or a myth. I felt that it was worth
      sharing what seems to be no longer available today. Knowledge that a
      savior is in each and every one of us as spiritual consciousness, or
      a universal "higher self".

      Thanks, Sandra, for the lengthy and detailed Eckankar history. I
      will have to save it.