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  • prometheus_973
    Jun 18, 2005
      Hi Mish,

      You make some great points and I remember that farm story!

      >>"mishmisha9" <mishmisha9@y...> wrote:
      Klemp republishes many of his writings under new titles--anyone
      notice that?

      Yes, and I'm thinking that another reason for "writing" all of these
      books is due to his vanity (actually Klemp just uses initiate
      reports, and embellished stories mailed to the ESC for much of his
      material). Early on Klemp just wanted to get into "Who's Who" like
      Twitchell, and "writing" all of these books accomplished this!
      Eckists should feel just as proud as Klemp does that their savior is
      so clever!

      >> One story he tells in both of his autobio-books is the one where
      he was a very young boy and an adult made a joke with other men at
      little "Harold's" expense. It embarrassed Harold greatly, and it
      seems to this day, he has not gotten over it. He seems to hold a lot
      of anger about it. I wonder why he can't reflect on it with
      adult "eyes?" Why does he continue to see it negatively instead of
      as a positive learning experience. The man just made a funny joke to
      create laughter and fun with the group of farmers who were working
      together that one day. It was a social thing, and I'm sure the man
      did not realize that sensitive little Harold was so offended--and
      still is to this day! This anger is definitely a flaw that has been
      long standing with Harold, and it explains why as L.E.M. he can so
      easily dish it out but can't take it. He demonstrates this angry
      behavior in some of his talks and writings (other stories)--and it
      also explains why he comes down hard on some of his "miscreant"
      followers. It trickles down through the organization, as well, as
      H.I. leaders emulate his behavior and mistreat other Eckists: the
      silent treatment, shunning, taking away initiations and positions
      and so forth.

      Yes, this is where little HK was helping in the fields and driving
      the tractor. The men took a break and would have a couple of beers.
      There would be a lot of small talk and joking around while
      introverted, silent, and meek little Harold just watched and
      listened, but never participated in the conversations. Anyway, one
      of the men had to answer the call of nature and when he returned he
      discovered that someone had drunk his beer (this was done with
      Harold's knowledge so he knew about the joke). When the farmer
      protested to the rest of his peers that someone drank his beer one
      man pointed Harold out as the culprit! Everyone laughed and were
      having fun with the joke, but Harold didn't and he ran off and hid.
      The man who had jokingly blamed Harold sought him out and tried to
      console him, but to no avail. The really sad thing about this whole
      story is that Harold use to look up to this man prior to this
      incident, but now Harold states that he never did like this person
      after that and would avoid the man. Harold even mentions in the book
      that the man was hurt by this shunning. Another thing that seems to
      escape Harold, even today, is that this incident was not only a test
      for him, but that it was also a Right of Passage of which Harold
      obviously failed. This is just one more example of what has helped
      to lead Harold's to his own present day schizophrenic behavior. Just
      look at how the loving Mahanta attacked that Temporary Postal Clerk!

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