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  • prometheus_973
    Jun 17, 2005
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      Hi All,

      I found this "GOLDEN TONGUED WISDOM" in Klemp's own words. While
      researching some things, to respond to a site member, I found the
      exact pages where Harold Klemp (HK) had secret meetings with Darwin
      Gross (DG) in a Sound Proof Dark Room! These facts are mentioned in
      Klemp's book "Soul Travelers of the Far Country."

      Gross was meeting with Klemp because Gross had decided that Klemp
      would be a good successor. Klemp was a writer and Gross was not and
      Klemp seemed meek, naive, and controllable. Little did Gross know
      that Harold had learned to "play the game" when he had his "break
      down" (1970 God-Realization spin) in order to be released from the
      mental institution he had been committed to.

      NOTE: Klemp tells (in two books) about his whole
      delusional/psychotic experience and about learning how to "play the
      game" in order to be released from custody. The problem here is that
      HK only learned how to "play the game," but was never healed or
      cured. Therefore, his psychotic disorder(s) continues, but are
      masked through the guise of being the Mahanta and highest
      consciousness (and ultimate savior) in all of the inner and outer
      universes of GOD!

      In Chapter 7 "Disappointments on the Way to ECK Mastership" Klemp
      mentions the 'inner' "soundproof, private room" that he and Gross
      are to meet in (page 130). The irony is that Klemp points out that
      it is an 'inner' room, but doesn't see the implication of the room
      here for Klemp!

      If this clueless awareness and behavior isn't bad enough there's
      also the factor that this is a photo "DARK ROOM lab" as well (page
      132). Therefore, the room is designed to prevent light from coming
      in! For any Eckist that has any amount of knowledge and awareness of
      Eck dogma regarding the Twin Pillars of ECK (the Sound and Light)
      this would be a factor in planning a meeting to take over the
      L.E.M./Mahanta position! The truth is that Harold was so focused and
      desperate to become L.E.M. that he would have met with Darwin on top
      of a pile of dung!

      The sad thing is that not only don't Eckists see the Truth of this
      event, but that Klemp is blind to it as well. Or, is he really blind
      to it? How and why would he be blind to this? Not only was HK an 8th
      initiate when this took place, but he was a 14th and the Mahanta
      when recounting these events in this book. Actually, Harold knows
      that Eckankar and the Mahanta is all a fraud, and this is why there
      was no concern for the implications of where he and Gross met. Case
      closed! What do you think... have I nailed it! I think so. Why else
      would there be no concern, at all, about meeting in a SOUND & LIGHT
      proof room in order to discuss Klemp becoming the 973rd

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