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  • ctecvie
    Nov 3, 2006
      Hello Etznab,

      just wanted to let you know that I read your post through till the
      end - and it's beautiful! Thanks for posting it.

      All the best,

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "makiztor"
      <etznab@...> wrote:
      > The following post was initially sent to T.S., but it has here
      > been modified to fit this screen.
      > Brand New Beautiful Day
      > Last night I got some sleep. This morning I slept in. But today
      > woke to a brand new day. What do I mean? I'll try to explain. Not
      > that the experience needs an explanation to be. Not for me. But I
      > thought that it might be worth sharing with you.
      > Maybe I can put this into some kind of context. In order to do
      > that I will have to recount the past. The time before it happened.
      > There is a degree of client confidentially that I will have to
      > observe, but even so I believe that I am able to get the point
      > For almost the last two years I had been waking up at 5:30 a.m.
      > and getting ready for work by six o'clock. I worked for a person
      > Alzheimer's disease who lived in a facility for same. My client
      > on the floor for those in the most advanced stages. After leaving
      > work in the late afternoon, I would go shopping on my way home and
      > return to my 93-year-old relative who (also) had a failing memory
      > some physical disabilities. One of which was bad hearing. When
      > was time for myself I transcribed (typing with two fingers)the
      > news that I had read about in the newspaper during the day. Almost
      > always I had the television on next to my computer. I would have
      > on CNN, or Hardball with Chris Matthews, etc. When it was all said
      > and done, my work day amounted to about eleven hours! Usually I
      > get to sleep late. On most nights I actually fell asleep after
      > a.m. in the morning. I was getting maybe four to six hours of
      sleep a
      > night for almost two years.
      > Just before my religious New Year, and before the Diwali
      > of Lights in India and the states, my client passed away. This was
      > the day before my elderly relative came out of the hospital from
      > surgery. I was thinking to myself, "Oh. This is the New Year. So
      > time for new beginnings.
      > Well, it has been about two or three weeks now since getting
      > off. Because I had some spare time and there wasn't much posting
      > going on at T.S., I decided to visit E.S.A. and started posting
      > Needless to say, all of the reading and typing had mostly amounted
      > more stress. This brings me closer to the present moment.
      > Last night my stomach was feeling upset, which is not normal
      > me. During the day I only had one small meal followed by some
      > in order to fight a cold. (A cold that I have had since before
      > getting layed off! Something also not normal for me.) So before
      > to bed I took a small amount of goldenseal herb and then went to
      > sleep.
      > This morning was somehow different from other mornings. I said
      > myself "I guess that goldenseal worked. I feel? I feel good." But
      > was more than that. I felt (experienced) an undifferientiated,
      > impersonal, or totally neutral quality of being. It was a brand
      > day. There wasn't anything on my mind. I woke up to the
      > of a state which preceeded the creation of thought. From that
      > point I was able to view my life over the past two years from a
      > different angle. It was like waking up in the morning on top a
      > in the country. It was like walking outside to sunshine and fresh
      > and looking out across a beautiful valley from on top an adjacent
      > mountain over a beautiful landscape. So many different shapes and
      > forms of different sizes... but they were somehow one. It was as
      > though whatever there was in my life at that moment, it was one
      > homogenous harmony!
      > I have encountered this kind of peace and tranquility before.
      > time, however, it was a long time in coming. I can't really
      > for you in words the scope of what I enjoyed, but I am hoping
      > this encounter it will have a more indelible impression on my
      > and mind. This is the kind of thing that I would like to carry
      > with me everywhere I go. But then, it was probably always with me
      > anyway. In the heart of Soul.
      > I should probably close with this. People with Alzheimers
      > are not able to fully adapt to their environment. When working
      > them, you have to learn to adapt to theirs! No matter how peculiar
      > strange that might appear to be. I realized today that I had not
      > been trying to adapt to the environment of people with poor
      > I was trying to adapt to the environments, the people, and every
      > of manifestation that I encountered. I was adapting to an early
      > schedule; to a working environment and other people (not only
      > clients); to the news in the paper and on the television (not very
      > nice); to my family and home environment; to my church community;
      > even to people online! Etc., Etc., Etc., Last but not least, I was
      > trying to adapt to "my own" thoughts and feelings about what all
      > this meant. To me! This is why today I said that I woke up to a
      > new day. There was a moment that I found just after waking, and
      > I paused. It was a moment that felt fresh and new. It was a moment
      > before thought of future or memory of past. It not only helped me
      > feel relaxed. It helped me to realize something that was more
      > valuable than words could say. Somehow. Some way. I had recognized
      > the innate ability to return to a state of brand new beginning.
      > any moment night or day!) It dawned on me today (again) that there
      > was (is) a place before thought, before emotion, and before
      > reality. It was, in fact, their place of origin. It was the place
      > sustenance for all that followed or what ultimately registered as
      > various states of consciousness. Today I found the time and place
      > a brand new beautiful day. Even more than that, I realized (maybe
      > even "U2") that I don't have to let it get away!
      > Speaking of a "beautiful day" (and this hadn't occurred to me
      > until near the end of this post), some years ago around the time
      > New Year's Eve I recorded a live version of the song "A Beautiful
      > Day" by U2 as they sung it at a club in New York City. Some words
      > were sung at the end of that song that sounded to me (I could be
      > wrong) like: The goal is Soul! Soul! The goal is Soul! Soul! Etc.
      > Please if anybody knows the exact words to that song let me know.
      > Meanwhile I will check online to see if I can find them. I do know
      > that in the radio version, and even in (I believe) the recored
      > version, that part of the song (that I heard) was/is censored.
      > is, you don't here those last words at all (So much for freedom of
      > speech. Not to mention Freedom of Religion!!!). However, even if
      > those words are not the same as the ones I heard, I do know,
      beyond a
      > doubt (I have the recording) that there were more words at the end
      > that song.
      > Well, it appears that even the online version is censored too.
      > Here is a link:
      > http://www.lyricsondemand.com/u/u2lyrics/beautifuldaylyrics.html
      > Oh! Wait just a minute! HERE IS THE UNCENSORED VERSION (scroll
      > to the last words):
      > http://uj-soadroxmysox.aboutmylife.net/12848.html
      > Though I initially entitled this post Brand New Day, I now have
      > changed it to Brand New Beautiful Day.
      > Etznab
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