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1800Optimism and Faith

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  • Elizabeth
    Nov 1 4:13 AM
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      Sharing this morning, something that I read on a friend's blog. It
      expresses how I have felt since discovering my own higher self. And
      now I believe Michael J. Fox is my new Guru! LOL He is such a
      trooper, I admire him for his strength and honesty.

      I don't need to understand God, or what ever.... Michael J. Fox
      sums it up pretty clear and simple in this last paragraph! Words to
      think about... :-)


      Michael J. Fox speaks on optimism and faith!

      When you lose things--for example with my acting--I counted so much
      on being able to bounce around and do all that physical stuff, which
      I can't do now. And so that's a loss. I mourn the lack of pure
      spontaneity in my life, the ability to just say "I'm going to do
      this--now." But what I found was that if you just kind of relax for
      a second and see what comes into that space, something will come
      into it. There are no vacuums. And when you see that happen, it's
      amazing. So if you are in a place in your life, whether it's
      Parkinson's or whatever it is, you can fret about it all you want
      but at a certain point, you just have to relax. And that opens all
      kinds of doors for you.

      Actually, I'm writing a book about optimism. I do believe that there
      is some kind of truth, some kind of ideal, and that people feel best
      when operating under a set of ethics, as opposed to morals. People
      just doing the right thing, treating people the way they'd want to
      be treated, being honest, being fair, not being deceptive and not
      taking what's not theirs. I know I feel best operating that way, and
      so that's my faith.

      from The Ties That Bind, Ladies Home Journal, Sept. 2006
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