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1799Just a Poem

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  • makiztor
    Oct 31, 2006
      Hear is a poem to better illustrate my natural style of writing:

      Send In The Clowns

      Listen to the world
      Hear what people say
      Television and radio sounds
      Echo words of fate.

      Listen boys and girls
      Hear the peoples roar
      Corporate heads and media clowns
      Turn the horns of war.

      Listen one and all
      Captured animals rave
      Super powers rise and fall
      Clowns call the plays.

      Etznab Mathers - 10/01/05

      In the past (it has been said) that I could learn to better
      communicate. But I explained that my natural style of writing was
      poetry. I am sending just one example of a poem.

      The thing about poetry is that word meanings can manifest along a
      series of levels. Even reflect parallel dimensions. There may, in
      fact, be more than one meaning to the same poem depending on how you
      look at the words. I am not going to give a point by point
      description of what the words in this poem mean to me. I will tell
      you, however, that two of the things that I thought about when
      writing this poem were 1) television news. And 2) a rodeo.
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