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1706What the Heckankar? LOL The Reign of the LEM (NOT)

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  • Tyger Purr
    Oct 21, 2006
      Here's a quote from the Eck Vydya that shows just how egomaniacal and
      mythomaniacal the Heckankar religion can be. LOL

      Re: End of Days eckankar

      Annnd, here it is!

      " Those who seek the wisdom of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad cannot find
      it except through the spiritual assistance of the living ECK Master.
      It is he alone who is responsible for taking the individual into the
      other worlds to study with the varied ECK Masters who teach out of the
      books of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. Here they learn those prophecies such
      as when the world is going to come to an end through the terrible
      destruction of fire and water; the drowning of the city of Los Angeles
      and most of the west coast by earthquakes and the sea; the terrible
      moon plague which will visit the earth and destroy much of its
      population; the upheaval of the central plains of eastern Europe and
      the formation of a new chain of mountains; the assassination of the
      various political figures of nations of the world, and the awful
      devastation of World War III.
      These books also give the triumph of the yellow race and the red
      tyrant who will sit upon the necks of the masses of people. They speak
      of the Mahanta, the living ECK Master, who comes again to save the
      world from complete destruction, and to return as many Souls to the
      heavenly kingdom as possible during his reign on earth.
      The prophecies of Nostradamus will be forgotten after one reads
      and studies those revelations which are in the ninth book of the
      Sharyat-Ki-Sugmad. ......."

      Ancient Science of Prophecy
      P. 116
      by Paul Twitchell (CHARLATAN)


      Tygerpurr ; )
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