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1686Re: HK's FEAR Equals Metal Detectors & Bag Searches at the 2006 EWWS

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  • pretujari
    Oct 7, 2006
      Hi All,
      There's an African proverb which states that 'A scared man runs away
      when there is no one after him"


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > ECKists are preparing to make an outer pilgrimage to the 2006
      > Why? And, are there Metal Detectors and Bag Searches at the other
      > Golden Wisdom Temples on the physical Plane or on the "inner" at
      > other Lower Plane Golden Wisdom Temples of ECK??
      > Hi Liz, (revised)
      > Actually the Metal Detectors and Bag Searches didn't happen until
      > After 9/11/2001. It doesn't have anything to do with people
      > up to shout out and disrupt his talks. I've seen that happen
      > and they were led out to the hallway... no big deal really.
      > Sometimes normal/loyal ECKists will just get a little more out of
      > balance at these Seminars and tempers flare, etc. Also,
      > ECKists/people could shout out anyway with or without the security
      > (fear) features. Besides, why would anyone want to harm Klemp
      > 9/11) if they never tried BEFORE (9/11)? There was much more
      > animosity and hurt feelings around 1983-1984 when Gross (the 972nd
      > LEM/Mahanta) was being mistreated by Klemp and Company.
      > The Security is for Klemp and nobody else! This is why Metal
      > Detectors and Bag Searches are Only done when he is to speak in
      > Main Hall.
      > On another note: Why are there searches at the Temple of ECK?
      > ECKists can't bring bags in with them on the Temple tours! Are
      > Eckists searched at every ECK Worship Service or just during the
      > Temple Tours? WHY? Why the fear? 99.9% of these people are
      > This was never done before 9/11/2001.
      > Why should HK, the LEM/Mahanta, be afraid? HK's fearful and
      > because he's always been rather anti-social, reclusive, and
      > judgmental of others. He's an idiot and a scammer! Lately, I think
      > Klemp has been worried about that Negative Karma he's built up
      > the years. The rationalizing about being the "fix" as a pseudo
      > saviour/master for ECKists to follow doesn't mean a thing any
      > longer. Klemp can no longer fool even himself about the real
      > Yes, it's true that Klemp has No real Spiritual Powers, except, in
      > the deluded minds of his followers/servants and in the false
      > teachings of the first Scammer Paul Twitchell. Klemp is very
      > controlling, unknowing and unloving, although, he'd never admit to
      > any of this due to his inflated ego and stubborn narrow-minded
      > nature.
      > Prometheus
      > Elizabeth wrote:
      > Prometheus wrote:
      > What does Klemp the LEM/Mahanta have to fear? Doesn't he give his
      > protection to ECKists? Why then do ECKists still need to go
      > Metal Detectors and have their bags searched, at the ECK World
      > Seminar (EWWS), before going into the Main Hall for Klemp's talks?
      > This is more proof that shows Klemp is Not what he claims to be!
      > Eckists are very afraid... of the Truth!
      > *** A good question! The answer might be that Klemp isn't all
      > knowing and powerful God Man he claims to be. If he was than he
      > wouldn't be worried about ex eckist or whom ever, that might show
      > at the WW to infiltrate his little organization, and cause trouble.
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