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  • mishmisha9
    Sep 27, 2006
      Hi, All!

      I was thinking Klemp should have directed her to an eck master or
      another eck entity within the eckankar spiritual hierarchy that
      oversees this specific problem. He doesn't really offer any solution
      but as pointed out, Klemp just hands it back to the chela, blaming
      her for the fat cells. But then again many people, including
      eckists, have weight problems. Of course many seekers join groups
      like eckankar in search of finding and building their self-esteem
      and confidence after lacking it a good portion of their lives. But
      eckankar actually impedes this development even more, requiring that
      the chela rely on a fake master and spend much time HUing and
      cutting themselves more off from the world. The social circle
      narrows around the very small eck community and the chela finds it
      more difficult to deal with the real world. It becomes almost
      impossible to separate from such an inclusive group, because the
      dependency and loyalty to the group becomes so great. However, an
      individual who develops healthy self-esteem and confidence would not
      need to associate with a controlling group like eckankar. I'm sure
      this chela must feel more unworthy after reading Klemp's response to
      her problems.

      As to the age for eck youth, up to age 25--well, that's rather
      ridiculous. Most people by that age have been married a few years
      and probably have children of their own. Seems to be an enforced
      delay in maturity being pushed by the mahanta, but then look at how
      socially immature he has been most of his life, so I guess age 25
      would still be considered juvenile for him??? Arrested development?
      LOL! Just imagine being of age (25 years old) to run for the U.S.
      House of Representatives and listed on your qualifications
      statement, it reads you are an eckankar youth! I wonder how many
      votes of confidence one would get with that! : )


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Klemp's focus seems always on the Negative. He finds fault and
      > blames this chela while ignoring the possible medical aspects of
      > weight problem.
      > Q: "How do I learn to truly love myself and build self-esteem?
      > I have struggled with self-esteem, weight issues, and a lack of
      > confidence for many years. I have read many ECK books searching
      > the answer, BUT I still don't know.
      > Is there a practical tool or spiritual exercise that will help?
      > Plus, what is the spiritual significance of such a barrier?"
      > S.M., age 25
      > Queenland, Australia
      > [Me]: For one thing, it looks like the lack of self-esteem and
      > confidence might be caused by the weight problem instead of vice-
      > versa as Klemp sees it. However, the weight problem could be
      > by a medical issue. I would recommend seeing an Endocrinologist.
      > could be a Thyroid problem or something else. Just before getting
      > online I saw a news item that stated Cushings Disease is often
      > diagnosed and this will cause weight gain.
      > On another note, I really feel that 21 years of age should be the
      > cut-off age for ECK Youth. If they want to be Youth Leaders or
      > mentors when they older than 21 then fine, but 22-25 is just too
      > to be stuck with the kids. Who knows maybe the cut-off should be
      > Why doesn't the ESC do a survey of ECK Youth and ask them what the
      > cut-off age should be? Oh, I know... it's not up to them to have
      > real input or voice... it's a hierarchy and they're at the bottom!
      > HK: "There is a single reason for the three problems you
      > It is simply fear."
      > [Me]: As I said before Klemp is making an assumption. Many people
      > have fears (that are expressed in many different ways) and they
      > medical/health issues that result in physical, and
      > disabilities. So, is Klemp accurate in saying that this chela's
      > problems are due to a over-all fear of life. I doubt it! It's way
      > too simplified and general. What is the family situation like?
      > there are just too many variables missing.
      > HK: "We may fear another's rejection. So we, in FACT, line up a
      > bunch of EXCUSES for the occasion when someone does reject us. And
      > yet, we're thus laying the groundwork for future unhappiness too."
      > {my caps]
      > [Me]: I really don't think these are 'FACTS' as Klemp claims. This
      > is just his own moronic and narrow-minded opinion. As I said, this
      > weight issue that led to the self-esteem and self-confidence
      > problems might Not be fear related as much as they are medically
      > related.
      > HK: "We gain weight to be unattractive. BUT in doing so, we also
      > shut the door on possible opportunities to meet people who could
      > bring us happiness."
      > [Me]: Can only skinny people like Klemp be happy and attractive
      > meet others that can bring them even more happiness? And, does
      > same analysis apply to all over-weight ECKists! Is this also some
      > Mahanta advice for H.K.'s ex-wife Marge, as well as, others (you
      > know who you are... look in a mirror with just your B-day suit on -

      > LOL!).
      > HK: "Poor self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence are, for the
      > most part, the very same problem."
      > [Me]: Why then did you make these into 'Three Problems' to start
      > with? Oh, I know... it's the "principle of three" thing. Yep, just
      > make it fit and make it all up like Twitch did!
      > HK: "What's at play here? A fear of rejection!"
      > [Me]: I don't know about that Harry and neither do you! Why do any
      > of us gain weight? And, do some of us have a lack of self-esteem
      > when we do... sure! However, Not everyone puts on weight because
      > they 'fear rejection.' The cause and the cure aren't always that
      > simple. Klemp needs to show some empathy, but this is impossible
      > him to do so. Instead, Klemp will always unlovingly place blame on
      > others and then give a simple generic solution as a cure. Of
      > the Catch-22 rule always applies which means that if the "cure"
      > doesn't work it's the chela's fault Not Klemp's.
      > HK: "To counter such a possibility, we go halfway to meet any and
      > all rejections before they even get a chance to occur. It is an
      > upside-down way of living. We go to great lengths to make negative
      > expressions of fear come true. It's no wonder we're unhappy, isn't
      > it?"
      > [Me]: I wonder if Klemp is really happy? He keeps saying 'we.' The
      > above statement might be words of Golden-Tongued Wisdom coming
      > the ECK (Spirit) in order to show both ECKists and Klemp the error
      > of their ways. ECKists should wonder about the Consciousness of
      > their leader when he makes comments like these.
      > HK: "The question now is, What to do about it? So fear is your
      > assailant. Love is the antidote."
      > [Me]: Would that 'antidote' be LOVE POTION #9? : ) So, Klemp is
      > saying that fear and a lack of love is why this young chela gained
      > weight (effect). Therefore, just eliminate the fear (cause) by
      > having more divine love. Therefore, other over-weight ECKists
      > also, be fearful and lack love!
      > HK: "Whenever you become aware of fear trying to throw you back
      > old, negative patterns, know that SUGMAD, the ECK, and the Mahanta
      > do love you. In recognition of this divine love, sweetly sing one
      > the holy names. This will gradually let you love yourself and
      > self-esteem."
      > [Me]: Will singing this holy name also help her to lose weight?
      > this help her to become a 'loser' (of weight)? Really, both she
      > Klemp state that her weight is a problem. Will singing some non-
      > specific holy name help her to lose weight? Why hasn't this helped
      > other ECKists to lose weight? Can an ECKist have good self-esteem,
      > Not be Fearful and still be over-weight? Not according to Klemp!
      > BTW - Is there some reason why Klemp can't be more specific as to
      > which 'holy names' to sing? The 10th Plane word of HU could be
      > but what else would work, maybe better, for this young ECKist?
      > plain to see that Klemp isn't much of a spiritual leader much less
      > Master. Klemp's advice, usually, isn't any better than what you
      > get from any minister during a Sunday morning sermon. Often
      > advice is below the average! HK has no empathy with people and
      > little understanding in real world relationships or situations. In
      > others words, he's a clueless fraud!
      > Prometheus
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