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1661Re: Is Klemp a Terrorist? 9/11/89 - 9/11/01 a 12 Year Cycle

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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 14, 2006
      Hi Liz,
      Actually the Metal Detectors and bag searches didn't happen until
      after 9/11/2001. It doesn't have anything to do with people standing
      up to shout out and disrupt his talks. I've seen that happen before
      and people could do that anyway with or without the other security
      (fear) features. Besides, why would anyone want to harm Klemp AFTER
      9/11 if they never tried BEFORE 9/11? The Security is for Klemp and
      nobody else! BUT, why should HK be afraid? Maybe he's fearful and
      paranoid because he's always been rather anti-social and reclusive?

      Yes, it's true that Klemp has No real Spiritual Powers except in the
      deluded minds of his followers/servants and in the false teachings
      of the first Scammer Paul Twitchell. Klemp is very controlling,
      unknowing and unloving, although, he'd never admit to any of this
      due to his inflated ego and stubborn narrow-minded nature.

      Look for some 09/2006 H.I. Letter information coming soon!


      Elizabeth wrote:
      Prometheus wrote:

      What does Klemp the LEM/Mahanta have to fear? Doesn't he give his
      protection to ECKists? Why then do ECKists still need to go through
      Metal Detectors and have their bags searched, at the ECK World Wide
      Seminar (EWWS), before going into the Main Hall for Klemp's talks?
      This is more proof that shows Klemp is Not what he claims to be!
      Eckists are very afraid... of the Truth!

      *** A good question! The answer might be that Klemp isn't all that
      knowing and powerful God Man he claims to be. If he was than he
      wouldn't be worried about ex eckist or whom ever, that might show up
      at the WW to infiltrate his little organization, and cause trouble.
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