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1635Re: ECKists Should Not Be Fearful of the Truth About Eckankar

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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 7, 2006
      Hello Pretujari,
      You made good points and got me to thinking about myself when I was
      a member of The Eckankar School of Unloving Detachment. Eckists are
      their own detractors of the Truth. I'm amazed at how they tend to
      blame others and hold grudges against people, especially, family
      members. Then again, look at the example that they follow! Klemp has
      always had problems with his own family relationships, and has
      either shunned and avoided them, run away, or blamed family members
      for just being human. Klemp decided to go to the 1971 ECK World Wide
      Seminar for an Initiation and to see Darwin (his Black Magician
      mentor) rather than attend his father's funeral and console his
      mother and brothers. Is it any wonder that Eckists today put so much
      emphasis on their initiation numbers and so less emphasis on love of
      family. Where IS the Love and Empathy? Shouldn't these be the by-
      products of the Higher Initiations and Higher Consciousness? Sure!
      However, this is also more proof that the initiations and the
      Mahanta are bogus and just more of the myth/scam/cult of Twitchell's
      joke upon society. However, when one understands the joke it gives
      new insights into reality. How many years does it take?

      When ECKists begin to realize the Truth about ECKANKAR they will
      become Fearful and Anxious and Upset. This is Soul telling them that
      something is wrong with their Delusional Belief System. This is part
      of the struggle that Soul has with ego and the lower worlds of
      illusion in order to take that next step towards Self-Mastery and
      Spiritual Freedom. Focusing on our own true Self (without a Mahanta)
      will also give us newer perspectives with newer insights and a
      lightness of Being. Soul works in Unity with SPIRIT.

      At first look being an ECKist did allow one to drop old perspectives
      of religion and taught some very different Eastern concepts that
      took those consolidated teachings in a new direction for the Western
      spiritual student. It opened things up and broadened our views as
      would any investigation into something new. However, the original
      teachings of Radhasoami(that Twitchell used) were distorted and
      flawed to begin with and then Twitchell distorted and revised them
      by "twisting facts" even more so! Gross added his own twists and now
      Klemp has added his own twists including a Christian like bent. What
      does this all mean for the ECKist? Only that it is all a Kal test!
      If you can see through the lies and know that those initiations are
      bogus and only feed the ego and if you are brave, independent, and
      responsible enough to stand on your own two feet, with balance, and
      without a Mahanta/Savior/Master/Leader to depend upon one realizes
      that this is the real Goal. By doing this you have begun to finally
      take that next big step towards Self-Mastery! Think about it!


      Pretujari wrote:

      Hi All,
      I agree with you absolutely, Prometheus, that Soul does not need a
      Saviour, Master, or Mahanta. I found this out before, during and
      after membership in orgs such as Eckankar. GOD or Spirit works and
      will work directly with anyone who has the understanding and opens
      himself/herself to IT. This is the truth they[self-appointed
      leaders] never wish to tell.

      Placing oneself under a spiritual authority, like that of guru or
      mahanta is agreeing to accept the flow of Spirit through the limits
      and confines of, and filtration through the consciouness of another
      Soul. And I bet Soul equals Soul.

      That this slows down the growth of Soul is undeniable. Especially
      when the follower is told not to read, access, or explore anything
      outside of what passes through the state of consciousness of the so-
      called Godman. In addition, this is not how God intended it IMO.
      Soul is to freely explore and grow without any such restrictions.

      Given the great expanse of knowledge and information flowing freely
      from Creation through the inumerable channels to an individual
      compared to restricting oneself to the confines of the state of
      consciousness of a single person, I'll choose the former. If sharing
      such ideas makes me a 'detractor' to some so be it.

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