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1633ECKists Should Not Be Fearful of the Truth About Eckankar

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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 6, 2006
      Hello All, (revised)
      When Eckists read about the Lies and Distortions of Twitchell, Gross
      and Klemp they may become Fearful and Anxious that everything is a
      lie. This is Not true. God or what can be called GOD, as well as,
      SPIRIT still exist even though religions, like ECKANKAR, have always
      lied about and distorted the Truth. SOUL Does Not Need a Savior, or
      Master, or a Mahanta other than Itself! Soul Does Not Need a
      Hierarchy of "ECK Masters" either! Each individual Soul is Its own
      Cliffhanger! One may use the Ladder of Knowledge and Experience
      gleaned by others, but one should only trust the higher Self and
      Spirit in a Unity of Consciousness. SOUL Should Not be a follower of
      anything or anyone. Keeping an Open Mind, a Sense of Wonder, and Joy
      & Love of the Heart is Key to Unfoldment and Higher Awareness. All
      will be given when one is able to receive, and all will be revealed
      when one is able to see. The "when" depends upon you in being your
      own Self as Leader, Explorer, and Interpreter of Spirit in a
      Contented State of Oneness.

      The ties that bind one to ignorance are created by religion and the
      institutions (governments, etc.) that mislead, distract, numb, and
      control the masses. Sometimes this is done through promises of
      future rewards (i.e. lower taxes, more security, initiations, and
      heavenly gifts.) This is why it is necessary for religion,
      government, and big business to keep people uninformed, uneducated,
      fearful, and dependent upon the Prophets, Saviors, and World Leaders
      for all physical and spiritual needs. It's all a scam!

      Independence and Spiritual Freedom come through Non-Attachment and
      Self Awareness, and by Not Buying Into the Lies! Everyone needs to
      become more Wide Awake! Therefore, almost everything in life is a
      conspiracy of sorts. However, that's also the challenge!

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