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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 3, 2006
      Hi Sandra,
      Welcome to the site and thanks for the nice compliments to the
      posters here. I'll comment on what you have posted.

      Sandra wrote:

      Good Morning everyone,

      First I would like to say that I have been lurking and reading from
      this group for several months. I need to apologize to the group
      owner for being guilty of cross posting some of the excellent
      messages from this group, to another Yahoo group I belong to.

      Me: No need to apologize for cross-posting. This is the Internet and
      if someone wants to cross-post for whatever reason then that's just
      the way it is. I'm always amused at people who think that someone
      needs permission to share what they have already sent into the

      I never joined Eckankar Survivors Anonymous because I just didn't
      really have anything to say. Yet, the title of this post, and it's
      message compelled me to officially join.

      Me: It's okay to just read. There are other sites that I don't
      participate on. When I was an Eckist I used to share some Vahana
      ideas and some thoughts about things on the official/unofficial Eck
      sites and stopped because the Eckists there were disrespectful and
      mean spirited. Actually, it helped to confirm what I already knew
      (deep down inside). How could these people truly be of the same or
      higher circle of initiation than me? This ongoing observation made
      me question the validity of the Eck initiations even more so!

      There is an amazing amount of information on the internet concerning
      Eckankar. And I recently was introduced to the 360 yahoo blogs by an
      Eckist named TomG. So, I have to agree that these blogs, and member
      sites are all very worthy of a look.

      Me: Yes, these blogs are interesting. I wonder how involved that
      Steve R. is with them? This TomG sounds familiar. I might have met
      him at a regional in Richmond, VA.

      I am still an Eck member, for over 17 years. Yes I do point out the
      flaws of Eckankar. Though I now consider myself a researcher for
      spiritual truth.

      Me: Good for you! I'm in touch with several Eckists and some are
      heretics of sorts on the outer because they see the "Mahanta" as
      something beyond Klemp and his authority. One H.I. even sends me
      copies of her Eck pubs. She reads this site and sends me private
      emails but will not post. That's okay too. It's funny that she puts
      up with all that I have to say, but she thinks that the balance is
      needed and doesn't like all of the secrecy (absence of discussion),
      the RESA intimidation, the military structure (hierarchy) and the
      fear factor of being Black Listed or the forcing of guideline upon
      guideline on individuals and upon the local Eck Centers, along with
      other spoken and unspoken rules, etc. Afterall, Eckankar started for
      many as a Spiritual Path versus a Religion. Now Eckankar resembles
      Christianity - which many of us rejected long ago! I hope I summed
      that up well enough? : )

      My heart is still somewhat with the teachings. As I still find some
      truth hidden within the passages of Paul Twitchell's material.
      Although the more I research, the more I find, other peoples
      knowledge being called Eckankar.

      Me: This is true with seeking Truth. Twitchell took from Radhasoami
      and other religions and Westernized (altered it). There are some
      good points and ideas out there to get us to reflect and to exert
      some discipline and change. This is what a social setting with
      feedback and an organized structure does. However, there is also a
      lot of crap in this environment and people who are not as advanced
      or focused upon the Spiritual. They seek to be stars or to be
      noticed by others. They have not come close to controlling the ego
      and yet they are H.I.s! This is why the true seeker much discover
      their own Mastership and walk with SPIRIT and SOUL - and not depend
      on someone else out of fear and Self doubt.

      I am trying to keep a rational objective thinking mind, as so many
      here keep reminding us. Though I am sure many Eckist do not see me
      in that way? Maybe, I will fit in just fine here at Eckankar
      Survivors Anonymous?

      Me: It sounds like you will fit-in. However, one must find what
      works for them and at the same time continue to explore with an open
      mind that questions authority. We should become our own Authority!

      Please join me at my 360 Yahoo page at:


      Me: Okay, I will!

      I have met a couple Eckist friends there from a very long time ago.
      Maybe more of us can hook up?

      Me: Well, that sounds okay, however, I'm still in the "anonymous"
      mode and don't want to reveal too much about me or my Eck friends.


      Prometheus wrote:

      Hi There!
      It is interesting to read the Eckie blogs or the member sites and
      see how they hide from the truth in their narrow and fearful little
      minds. Yes, it is Not permitted to speak of Darwin or what happened
      in the 10 lost years of Eckankar from 1971-81. Klemp will only
      speake of the end of Darwin's membership and mastership (the two go

      Is Eckankar a cult/scam? Sure, just read some of the LINKS. The very
      first one has a lot of info and there are other links too! Check out
      the SHARIYAT/Path of the Masters link.

      Does the SHARIYAT threaten Eckists to ASTRAL HELLS if they want to
      leave? Well, yes! Now does that sound like something a cult would
      do? Well, yes again!

      Did Twitchell make it all up including Rebazar? Yes again! Klemp
      mentions that Twitchell often "twisted facts." And Twit lied about
      meeting Sudar in India in 1935 at the age of 27 when he was lying
      about everything to get into Kentucky's Who's Who. Klemp points
      this out in the P.T. info on Eckankar.org.

      Is Klemp perfect and was Twitchell or Gross perfect? Well, is the
      Mahanta perfect? They claim(ed) to be the Mahanta who (Twit said)
      was the incarnation of the SUGMAD. Even a 5th Initiate is higher
      than "God" and therefore (in their minds as well) more perfect than
      the lowly uninitiated masses.

      Is Doug Marman an expert and an authority on everything including
      Eckankar? Doug has a lot of opinions and likes to claim Klemp as a
      friend, but he has stated that he thought Rebazar was a myth. In
      other words he thinks Twitchell made it all up!

      Basically, Eckists just accept anything and everything that Klemp
      tells them to believe in. They need to believe in something so why
      not in Klemp or Eckankar? However, they really really need to keep
      paying that yearly membership donation fee because Eckists are
      always hoping they get that next initiation or position and they
      have to be current with that money. BUT even at that, 99.99% of
      the 7ths are just out of luck on ever getting an 8th Initiation (on
      the outer- LOL! -in this lifetime).

      So, why remain in Eckankar? Well, it beats nothing! People have to
      follow someone or something don't they? Besides, there's the
      social/relationship aspect too right? What would happen to their Eck
      friends or family members if they left? What would Eckists do with
      their free time if they were no longer in Eckankar and servants of
      their Mahanta?

      Hmmmmmm. Maybe Eckists need to be free to be their own Masters.
      Afterall, how long do they need to be followers? Aren't they
      learning anything about Self-Mastery or Spiritual Freedom? One
      doesn't need to join the H.I. club (RESA hierarchy) like everyone
      else do they? AND, aren't there other people in the world who are
      already of a Higher Consciousness (God-Realized) without the "Eck"
      initiations? Sure, there are plenty of people that are much more
      enlightened that Klemp or the average H.I. or even the "true" blue
      H.I.s! Eckists need to look around and they will see! These are
      FACTS and more reasons why Eckankar is all a lie! Eckists just don't
      think things through - many are as brain-washed as the religious

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