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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 2, 2006
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      Hi There!
      It is interesting to read the Eckie blogs or the member sites and
      see how they hide from the truth in their narrow and fearful little
      minds. Yes, it is Not permitted to speak of Darwin or what happened
      in the 10 lost years of Eckankar from 1971-81. Klemp will only
      speake of the end of Darwin's membership and mastership (the two go

      Is Eckankar a cult/scam? Sure, just read some of the LINKS. The very
      first one has a lot of info and there are other links too! Check out
      the SHARIYAT/Path of the Masters link.

      Does the SHARIYAT threaten Eckists to ASTRAL HELLS if they want to
      leave? Well, yes! Now does that sound like something a cult would
      do? Well, yes again!

      Did Twitchell make it all up including Rebazar? Yes again! Klemp
      mentions that Twitchell often "twisted facts." And Twit lied about
      meeting Sudar in India in 1935 at the age of 27 when he was lying
      about everything to get into Kentucky's Who's Who. Klemp points this
      out in the P.T. info on Eckankar.org.

      Is Klemp perfect and was Twitchell or Gross perfect? Well, is the
      Mahanta perfect? They claim(ed) to be the Mahanta who (Twit said)
      was the incarnation of the SUGMAD. Even a 5th Initiate is higher
      than "God" and therefore (in their minds as well) more perfect than
      the lowly uninitiated masses.

      Is Doug Marman an expert and an authority on everything including
      Eckankar? Doug has a lot of opinions and likes to claim Klemp as a
      friend, but he has stated that he thought Rebazar was a myth. In
      other words he thinks Twitchell made it all up!

      Basically, Eckists just accept anything and everything that Klemp
      tells them to believe in. They need to believe in something so why
      not in Klemp or Eckankar? However, they really really need to keep
      paying that yearly membership donation fee because Eckists are
      always hoping they get that next initiation or position and they
      have to be current with that money. BUT even at that, 99.99% of the
      7ths are just out of luck on ever getting an 8th Initiation (on the
      outer- LOL! -in this lifetime).

      So, why remain in Eckankar? Well, it beats nothing! People have to
      follow someone or something don't they? Besides, there's the
      social/relationship aspect too right? What would happen to their Eck
      friends or family members if they left? What would Eckists do with
      their free time if they were no longer in Eckankar and servants of
      their Mahanta?

      Hmmmmmm. Maybe Eckists would be free to be their own Master.
      Afterall, how long do they need to be followers? Aren't they
      learning anything about Self-Mastery or Spiritual Freedom? One
      doesn't need to join the H.I. club like everyone else do they?
      Aren't there people who are already of a higher consciousness
      without the "Eck" initiations? Sure, there are plenty of people that
      are more enlightened that the average H.I. or even the "true" blue
      H.I.s! See! This is one more reason why it's all a lie!



      mishmisha wrote:

      Hi, All!

      This is indeed an interesting post about the bogus eck masters and
      what the eckankar org claim in their made-up religious scam. It
      seems they talk out of both sides of their mouth. There are
      certainly a lot of restrictions. I was looking at the list of dos
      and don'ts for posting on HuChat the other day--how in the world can
      anyone remember all of that???? So silly really to be telling adults
      how to post, what to post and what not to post--and yet these same
      eckists will claim that they are free to do pretty much what they
      want as long as it follows the guidelines. But there are so many
      guidelines! And if one of the eck leaders--H.I.s don't like
      something that is said or done, they can always dredge up some rule
      and chastise the offender, just as they were indeed bothered by the
      eckist asking about Darwin Gross--wow, how dare he dirty up an eck
      worship service by mentioning this miscreant's name and maybe have
      newbies question this bit of eck history! LOL!

      Eckists need to think for themselves here--why must Darwin Gross be
      kept a secret?? Why the cover-up? Doesn't that seem fishy?

      I certainly agree there are no eck masters--if there were, they
      certainly wouldn't stoop so low as to fight over God! Paul
      Twitchell, Darwin Gross, Harold Klemp and that short list of masters
      they claim you can conjure up, are just fakes. They steal people's
      spiritual freedom by distracting them from taking a true spiritual
      path by tying them up in dogma and bogus religious nonsense! What an
      eckist learns from all the "eck" stories and spiritual exercises is
      how to become delusional and brain-washed.

      BTW, this is exactly what a cult will do--and is a basic way of
      controlling people! They do not help individuals to find spiritual
      freedom; rather, they rob them of it instead and impede spiritual

      For sure, eckists and Klemp in particular should be concerned about
      the karmic repercussions of such deceptions and impediments!

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