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1622Re: Eckankar: The 09/2006 "Wisdom" Notes of HK (revised)

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  • Elizabeth
    Aug 29, 2006
      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "Non ekster"
      <eckchains@...> wrote:
      > "Wosdom Notes"... Was this a typo? If it was it is a good one! lol
      > is Klemp. Woesdom Notes.
      > Non ; ) gg
      > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "Elizabeth"
      > <ewickings@> wrote:

      > > There is nothing within these Wosdom Notes or The Mythical
      > > News that could draw members to this path. Or keep them for that
      > > matter!
      > >

      LOL good catch! And Mystical = Mythical

      Imagine if you will, Eckankrap and HK has made those Mystical World
      News Letters free to the public. The general public has no clue
      what Eckankar is, or who this guy is that claims to be the God Man
      of the entire Universe and beyond...

      9/2006 Ask The Master, Sri Harold answers your questions:

      Q: Has your experience with the HU changed as the Living Eck Master?

      A: Yes, it has. I'll try to explain. Sometimes I don't have the
      words. HU is both the name of God, and It's also the Sound of God.
      That's why we sing HU. And HU is the Sound that underlies all
      sounds. It's the fabric upon which life lives, breathes, and has its

      The ECK, or the Breath of God,the Holy Spirit, makes life
      possible. Without It there would be no life.

      The Living ECK Master is one with the ECK. And there's no
      difference. So, how has my experience with the HU changed as the
      Living ECK Master? I really can't say any more beyond that, because
      to understand, you'd have to be in this position. My apologies. It's
      the best I can do.

      [ Notice how HK claims it is hard for the God Man himself to find
      the words to explain? He sometimes just doesn't have the words... He
      points out that HU is both the name of GOD and the Sound. The ECK or
      breath of GOD makes life possible. WITHOUT IT THERE WOULD BE NO
      LIFE! The Living ECK Master (HK) is ONE with the ECK. AND there's
      no difference. (HK is claiming he is GOD!) So has his experience
      with the HU changed since becoming (GOD) the Living ECK Master? LOL
      you weeds and losers would have to BE GOD TO UNDERSTAND, you'd have
      to be in the position! My apologies for using the word "AND" 4
      times, It's just so darn hard being GOD. ]

      Q: What is the best way to resolve karma between myself and another
      person? I realize it has to do with a past life. The past life was a
      very long time ago. Wouldn't we have already worked out the karma?

      A: [ Being GOD and all, I'll try to explain. Sometimes I don't have
      the words. AND since my time is so limited, I thought I would just
      share this really cool idea presented at a recent ECK Youth Satsang
      class. ;-) ]

      A Youth Arahata (ECK teacher) described a fabulous
      idea today and I just had to share it. He said that
      he and his assistant decided to teach kids around
      junior high age about karmic ties. They got an idea
      to go to a used clothing store and buy a bunch of
      old neckties (very cheap, as not that many guys wear
      ties these days). They told the kids in the class to
      take a necktie and find someone to be their
      "karmic partner." Then they had to knot the ties
      together. Next, they took a pair of scissors and actually
      physically cut the ties! The kids loved the activity,
      and they will always remember that lesson, I think.
      I'll bet that this would be a neat activity for adults,
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