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1619Klemp's View of the Reformation is Distorted

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  • prometheus_973
    Aug 28, 2006
      Klemp distorts history and forgets to mention Martin Luther--HK's
      former (inner/outer) Spiritual Leader. Klemp studied and followed
      the teachings of Luther for years.

      From Eckankar's 09/2006 Wisdom Notes by Harold Klemp--

      HK: "Bach echoed the idea that all music was from God, so it should
      glorify Him. He composed in the wake of the Reformation, when
      Protestants had led the renewal of the Christian church, bringing it
      back closer to its roots in New Testament times."

      *ME: Klemp leaves out the hatred that these Christians also spread.
      Why doesn't Klemp mention his former spiritual leader (and Eck
      Master) Martin Luther since HK is talking about the Reformation?
      Why isn't Klemp mentioning these past events instead of distorting
      the facts as usual. This had nothing to do with "New Testament
      times" unless one also mentions the persecution of the Jews.

      Afterall, Klemp studied in a Luthern seminary and once had dreams of
      becoming a Luthern minister. "Martin Luther, the founder of the 16th
      Century Reformation and Protestantism, wrote a pamphlet in 1545
      entitled 'The Jews and Their Lies.' Luther claimed that Jews
      thirsted for Christian blood and urged that Jews be killed. The
      Nazis reprinted this pamphlet in 1935. Some scholars feel that these
      outrageous attacks mark the transition from anti-Judaism (attacks
      motivated because of the Jews' refusal to accept Christianity) to
      anti-Semitism (hatred of Jews as a so-called 'race' who would
      contaminate the purity of another race.)"

      This quote is taken from the below site. I find it interesting that
      Klemp's tunnel/scam vision is so apparent. Why don't Eckists want to
      take a second look and see the broader picture of history than the
      one Klemp distorts from his lower view of consciousness? Oh, I
      remember-- it's the easiest way and it feels good thinking
      they "know" more than others. It's pure delusion that proves the old
      saying that 'Ignorance is Bliss!'


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