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1617Re: Eckankar: The 09/2006 "Wisdom" Notes of HK (revised)

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  • prometheus_973
    Aug 27, 2006
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      Below are my comments to Klemp's nutty "wisdom." (revised)

      09/2006 The Wisdom Notes by Harold Klemp

      HK: "Mary went into contemplation and asked what was behind all her
      earlier relationships. They were made up of the usual stuff--full of
      agony, ecstasy, drama, and disenchantment."

      *ME: Klemp is no expert on relationships! I'm certain that Klemp is
      viewing her letter through his own distorted perspective. This is
      Not the "Usual Stuff" of dreams, contemplation, or of life. Where's
      the positive side of this story, and the love, fun and happiness?
      Klemp has just been reading the letters of experiences that stand
      out to these frustrated, depressed and troubled Eckists and has
      assumed that these negative and unusual cases are common! This,
      also, shows how out-of-touch Klemp is with reality and his chelas ,
      as well as, his obsession with the negative passions of the mind.

      HK: "Then, parading before her eyes, came a column of people from
      this lifetime. There were her parents, siblings, classmates,
      friends, lovers, spouses, children, coworkers, and so many more.
      Mary noticed that in all these relationships she had just wanted
      love. That was it."

      *ME: Once again, Klemp is projecting his own distorted views of life
      onto Mary's as he misinterprets her contemplation. Klemp is probably
      the one who has always "just wanted love" but doesn't know how to go
      about it due to his *previously mentioned personality disorders
      relating back to his childhood. [*see message #1602 on ESA]

      HK: "And yet, this need for love always left her at the mercy of
      others, and to their reactions."

      *ME: Klemp thinks that giving love leaves one "at the mercy of
      others!" And, what kind of "reactions" is he implying? It seems that
      Klemp is implying that Negative reactions will occur if one gives
      love unconditionally. However, should one always expect or demand
      that love be returned or even returned in the ways we want or can
      see? If so, then the love given was Not unconditional or given
      freely in the first place!

      HK: "How much was that like slavery."

      *ME: And what is the purpose of this statement? Is this just another
      wishy-washy ploy to change the subject or to seem empathetic? One is
      not a "slave" to love. However, one can become attached to habits
      and expectations. But, I guarantee that if one gives love freely and
      unconditionally that it will be returned by most individuals and
      certainly by Spirit.

      HK: "And yet, through all she's learned in ECKANKAR, she is clear
      about the special gift that the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master and
      all the other ECK Masters bring to people. The Masters show how to
      find divine love."

      *ME: It's interesting how Klemp avoids practicing love with real
      people. Instead, Klemp talks of an imagined concept of "divine love"
      that is a Kal distraction. Love and even "divine love" needs to be
      expressed to real everyday people, family members, friends, co-
      workers (non-Eckists), etc. by Eckists. In Eckankar the (Eck/Kal)
      spiritual technique of exclusion could be termed "The Easy Way."

      HK: "This involves a working relationship with the ECK (Holy
      Spirit). that, then, opens the door to spiritual freedom and means
      becoming an open channel for the ECK."

      *ME: "Spiritual freedom" comes through Self-Mastery and Not Needing
      a delusional and unloving "master/savior" to follow around or
      hanging onto every ridiculous statement coming from his smiling
      little mouth!

      HK: "That is the sum of what living is all about."

      *ME: Klemp has No clue about love or about living! He's been a
      recluse since childhood. He's always hidden out and been anti-social
      and lacked empathy and love. This is a part of his psychopathy.
      Being the LEM just gives him an excuse for his nutty behaviour.

      HK: "So all true ECK initiates know they're to be open channels for
      the Holy Spirit. Of course, their service takes place in society.
      They--you--are working in a sea of consciousness, bright lights in a
      dark world."

      *ME: So, does this mean that Klemp is promoting a one-on-one Vahana
      effort versus intros and public book discussions and psychic fairs?
      Also, who are the "true" ECK initiates? Do these "true" Eckists also
      follow the never-ending Guidelines and the unspoken rules of conduct
      without question? BTW- I recently found a 1972 copyright of the Manu
      Samhita-The Code of Ethics which contained even more rules! And,
      let's Not forget the Four Zoas!

      HK: "You are also quite aware that this sea of consciousness is
      forever changing."

      *ME: "Consciousness is forever changing" for those of us still
      operating in the field of action and truly living life! However, it
      seems that Higher Consciousness has eluded Klemp since he seems to
      be stuck in a time warp of past events. His unresolved issues
      steming from his inability to relate to others or to society has
      distorted his perspectives in every facet of life. He now hides in
      his delusional little construct of reality based upon a blend of
      revised Radhasoami and Christian dogma called Eckankar.

      HK: "A way to trace this change is to observe a society's
      innovations, its inventions or new developments in thought, better
      technical and practical devices, and also in its music."

      *ME: So, is Klemp now going to bring us up-to-date and relate some
      Be Here Now philosophy and advice along with some current views on
      music for the 21st Century? Not a chance! That's for the next book

      HK: "A society's thinkers come up with ideas about what laws
      underlie existence and how an individual ought to conduct himself.
      The ancient Greeks--like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle--led the way
      for how Western society would arrange its thoughts in the coming

      *ME: "Western society?" Oh, I guess Klemp means European society.
      Hint to HK: Next time just say Occident and this will also include

      HK: "Music, some say, mirrors an age. So in the Western tradition we
      see the likes of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven."

      *ME: Well as far as classical music goes Bach is my favorite and
      Mozart is next. I really don't care much for Beethoven, although, I
      do like his 9th. Does Klemp know that Beethoven suffered from
      serious depression? And, who are the "some" who say music mirrors an
      age? Are these more Eck Masters or real people?

      HK: "Bach echoed the idea that all music was from God, so it should
      glorify Him. He composed in the wake of the Reformation, when
      Protestants had led the renewal of the Christian church, bringing it
      back closer to its roots in New Testament times."

      *ME: I think that Johnny Cash also "echoed" similar concepts of God,
      although, I'm not being very current in mentioning Johnny!

      ON ANOTHER NOTE: It seems that Klemp doesn't mention the 16th
      Century Eck Master named Martin Luther. Where is this "history?"
      Klemp studied in a Luthern seminary and once had dreams of becoming
      a preacher. BTW - Do Eckists know that Luther wrote a pamphlet in
      1545 entitled "The Jews and Their Lies?" "Luther claimed that Jews
      thirsted for Christian blood and urged that Jews be killed. The
      Nazis reprinted this pamphlet in 1935 . Some scholars feel that
      these outrageous attacks mark the transition from anti-Judaism
      (attacks motivated because of the Jews' refusal to accept
      Christianity) to anti-Semitism (hatred of Jews as a so-called 'race'
      who would contaminate the purity of another race.)"


      HK: "Mozart followed close on the heels of Bach, who had died six
      years before. As usual, there was political unheaval in Europe,
      including the Seven Years' War. BUT Mozart, an Austrian, mirrored
      his society's desire for harmony, which he expressed in the use of
      melody in compositions. A listener of Mozart will find that his
      music often lends itself to humming along."

      *ME: Yes, I often enjoy "humming along" while listening to Mozart!
      LOL! I especially enjoy "humming" to his Piano Concertos Nos. 9 &
      21! Sometimes I even conduct! Isn't it interesting how Klemp
      distorts history as he puts his own warped Mahanta/savior slant on

      HK: "Beethoven's music reflects the Enlightenment. The church and
      belief in God took a backseat to rationalism. Man's reason was now
      superior to the power of religion and superstition."

      *ME: I must say that Klemp certainly doesn't take a backseat to
      rationalizing, therefore, his ability to reason is certainly in
      question. Why does he need to revisit the past so often? I think he
      enjoys manipulating history by adding his "High" opinions as though
      his views are important to the rest of the world. Sadly for him,
      only his deluded and mindless followers believe this tripe!

      HK: "When Beethoven stepped from the wings, his music stressed self-
      expression. He wrote music to please himself, not God or society. In
      fact, after beating a piano into submission while playing one of his
      pieces to an audience, he'd hector the listeners for not having the
      wit to understand what the composition was all about. People loved
      his music anyway."

      *ME: And now Klemp beats his chelas into submission through the Law
      of Silence, Guidelines upon guidelines, Zoas, and rules of behaviour
      and by calling them "losers." BTW- only the brainwashed and truely
      delusional Eckists can love this agent for the Kal. Eckists need to
      see that they are the true Master.

      HK: "As the centuries roll by, then, we note how certain key people
      change societies to come. You know full well, too, that such changes
      in consciousness need an igniting spark."

      *ME: And, is Klemp being modest and humble by only "implying" that
      he is this "igniting spark?" It seems Klemp has learned a lot from
      that 'rascal' Twitchell in regards to self-promotion.

      HK: "What is this spark? The spark is the spiritual hierarchy. This
      includes the ECK Masters as well as the Lords of Karma."

      *ME: Klemp is giving credit for "this spark" to the "spiritual
      hierarchy." However, isn't Klemp listed under SUGMAD in the Eck
      Spiritual Hierarchy. In the Eckankar LexiCon the ECK is mentioned
      after Sugmad and prior to the Mahanta, but Klemp claims to be the
      ECK as well! Catch-22 Again!

      HK: "The Lords of Karma certainly play an important role, because it
      is they who select the Souls to see rebirth into a given age, to
      help mankind enter a new level of consciousness. BUT whom do they
      answer to?

      *ME: Well, the Lords of Karma answer to the Kal don't they? The Kal
      runs the lower worlds according to Eckankar/Radhasoami dogma.

      HK: "Well, they must carry out broader directions from the spiritual
      hierarchy above. Yet it is they who select the Alexander the Greats,
      Napoleons, Lincolns--and yes, even the Hitlers and Stalins. The two
      latter sorts of personages cause millions to lead lives of misery
      and suffering. BUT the divine plan is such that hardships are a
      quick, sure way to purify Souls."

      *ME: Okay okay! Enough of the history lesson! And, why did Klemp use
      that "BUT" is he hiding something?' If suffering is part of the
      divine plan, because Klemp is unable to intervene, then how does
      Eckankar differ from Radhasoami or any other religion that makes
      promises to its followers? The dream experiences and visitations by
      masters or angels, as well as, the use of the imagination to create
      cause etc., is nothing unique to only Eckankar!

      HK: "In The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmand, Books One & Two, you'll see the
      different levels of the spiritual hierarchy. Each level has a unique
      mission. The ECK Masters' role is to show Souls the way home ot God.
      That's how they are Co-workers with God."

      *ME: Of course Klemp is leaving out the additional step of becoming
      a Co-worker "with" the Mahanta before becoming a Co-worker with God.
      This step was added when HK rewrote Twitchell's Eckankar Dictionary
      and titled it A Cosmic Sea of Words the Eckankar Lexicon. Question:
      Why isn't this "level" called being a Co-worker with SUGMAD versus a
      Co-worker with God?

      HK: "ECK chelas help the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master in this
      task. So they are Co-workers with the Mahanta, the Living ECK

      *ME: Does it seem that Klemp has taken us off track with how this
      article actually began? This is what he does as he distorts truth in
      order to promote himself, by indirect means, to a status beyond the
      reach or understanding of any chela! This is the Catch-22 game he
      plays. I'm just like you he will say - Soul equals Soul - and then
      he reminds chelas of his high status as LEM/Mahanta! HK giveth and
      then taketh away. Just a note: Always get that annual membership
      donation fee in on time!

      HK: "Through all ages, the ECK Masters have been here to show people
      a way out of the chaos of life, into a life of peace, love and

      *ME: Actually, Twitch just made it all up and took used these famous
      people to create his Spiritual Hierarchy and linage of Eck Masters
      in order to establish his own high authority which could not be
      questioned or criticized. It is similar to that of the Pope whose
      rulings are beyond reproach.

      HK: "And as Mary learned earlier, it's really all about love."

      *ME: Yes, let's now bring it back to the original topic after
      Klemp's promotion of himself and his unquestionable authority.
      However, Klemp never really talked about human love and how this and
      our relationships are expressions of divine love. This is how we
      demonstrate in the physical world what we have learned via our
      communication with our higher Self or Soul. And if we can't
      demonstrate love in this here and now on this Physical Plane what
      value does it have on the higher Planes?!

      HK: "I hope this overview of the changes of consciousness in society
      gives you a better sense of the big picture and your role in it."

      *ME: Actually this article doesn't give an "overview" that is
      relevant to normal life in this here and now. The past is the past
      and historic events can be explained away from a variety of
      perspectives. Even historical experts differ in views. The benefit
      of revisiting the past is to see and analyze our individual mistakes
      and those mistakes of earlier societies' from a new and clearer
      perspective. However, Klemp seems obsessed with both the past and
      > the Negative. This is probably because HK has difficulty in
      dealing with and relating to present day society, events,
      relationships and people in general. For the Spiritual Truth Seeker
      it is necessary to also look at the little picture or microcosm
      while also viewing the macrocosm simultaneously, and with loving
      balance and patience. Through the practice our own Mastership the
      rest will come in Its own time.

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