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  • prometheus_973
    Jun 5, 2005
      Hi All,

      I saw this topic else where (on another BB), and wondered about this.
      Perhaps, we could just ask, How much truth is enough... rather
      than "good" enough? How much of anything are we able to assimilate,
      absorb, or experience? Or, is it the delusion of illusion that we
      judge? How much truth (or even Truth) do we need before over-kill or
      over indulgence is experienced? And, "good enough" for what? I know
      that these are a lot of questions to fire out there, but sometimes
      questions help to clarify the subject matter. But, maybe the question
      of "How Much Truth Is Good Enough is actually a stupid question. Is
      the person asking this question maybe waffling as to what is really
      necessary? Maybe Twitchell's truth was really "good enough" for some
      or many. It seems that some people can live with lies and deceit with
      every topic under the sun as long there is some truth in the mix.
      This is exactly how con/cult artists succeed in fooling the masses.

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