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1570The New Eck Year of Giving and Taking Coming Soon!

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  • prometheus_973
    Aug 15, 2006
      Klemp's take on the upcoming Eck Spiritual New Year, on PT's
      birthdate of Oct. 22, for 2005-2006 is titled "The Year of Giving"
      a.k.a. "You Giving and Me Taking" LOL! So, according to HK "only
      love and service can make a difference" to Eckists when looking at
      the upheavals in the world. This is the Eck Spiritual Exercise of
      Burying the Head into the Sand or de-Nile (ancient secret H.I.

      Yes, this is the phoney Mahanta's phoney "Gift." Interesting that
      Klemp uses this quote from the Shariyat Book One (in the current
      EWWS literature): "The words of the Mahanta alone can change the
      world, completely and irrevocably." How do mundane words directed to
      only Eckists or to potential "paying" members mean anything to the
      world or help to make changes in consciousness? How do "loser"
      comments to his chelas spread the message of love? Anyway, Klump's
      09/2006 front page Mystic World sci-fi article "Oh, You've Come So
      Far!" a.k.a. "You've Been a Sucker For So Long!" will be coming here
      to ESA soon!


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > This review will analyze what Klemp is actually saying, implying,
      > Not saying versus what this Sun Valley Eckist is imagining he is
      > saying. Also, I disagree that "A surprising number of chelas
      > his article." This, also, is an imagined assumption. The truth is
      > that Klemp really didn't take a stand or say much of anything to
      > excited about. It was a typical ho-hum response by a anti-social
      > farmboy/preacher wannabe who flew under the radar and rode in on
      > coat-tails of two scammers that also claimed to be saviors.
      > "A Warning . . . . .
      > In the June 2005 issue of the Mystic World Sri Harold warned of
      > massive upheaval in the world. A surprising number of chelas
      > his article.
      > Never before. . .
      > The Master has never come out with such a strong message. But as
      > always he offered a solution: 'Only love and service' can make a
      > difference, he said. 'The future is in your hands and depends upon
      > you, and others like you' added Sri Harold. (Ask the Master, page
      > June 2005 Mystic World)
      > ss - Sun Valley, CA"
      > Q: "We now have the ECKANKAR Spiritual Center on the same ground
      > the Temple of ECK, the major ECK seminars in Minneapolis, and even
      > more focus on Vahana work in the RESA structure."
      > 1.) "How will that affect ECKANKAR and the life of the chelas all
      > over the world--now and in the future?"
      > 2.) "And what about the world in general?"
      > Me: It seems to me that Klemp is isolating himself and Eckankar.
      > Instead of spreading out or reaching out through travel to various
      > cities Klemp is having everything confined to the Minneapolis
      > The volunteer Vahana effort is just a way of giving "busy work"
      > (trainings, classes, intros, discussions, making plans,
      > etc.) so that Eckists will continue to live in the future versus
      > now, and remain distracted and tied to the promise of God
      > Realization through Initiation and position. Anway, let's see how
      > Klemp answers these two questions.
      > HK: "Watch to see how this plays out. The future is in your hands
      > and depends upon you and others like you."
      > Me: How long does it take to "play out?" Klemp has been the
      > LEM/Mahanta since 1981! What does HK mean by the future being "in
      > your hands and depends upon you and others like you?" Are Eckists
      > supposed to be pro-active for world peace, recycle, use less
      > or is their higher vibratory rate (consciousness) going to raise
      > world consciousness? Will having more HU Chants raise world
      > consciousness?
      > HK: "Yes, there is a great spiritual significance in that the new
      > ECKANKAR spiritual Center joins the ECK Temple and chapel on the
      > campus."
      > Me: Okay, what is this "great spiritual significance?" Please
      > explain this and give examples! Also, I always thought that the
      > Seat of Power was where ever the LEM/Mahanta resided - otherwise
      > these are just buildings. What was HK's home address again? : )
      > HK: "Yet that is hardly the beginning and the end of it. Nor is
      > fact that this is the Year of the ECK Missionary."
      > Me: Okay, nothing much said here either. BTW - How did last year
      > (Year of the Eck Missionary) turn out? What were the results
      > compared to previous years? Because there should be some great
      > improvements with the ESC, Temple, chapel, World Wide Seminar, and
      > Year of the Missionary all bunched together - right?
      > HK: "Each element is certainly an important part of the whole, BUT
      > only love and service will make any success come true. So it's up
      > you (and you, and you)."
      > Me: Okay, so was there enough love and service in 2005 to make the
      > Year of the Missionary a success compared to previous years? It
      > would be nice to know what the results were and how much donation
      > money (and how many donated service hours per Vahana) it takes to
      > bring in a new member. Is it now something like $50 dollars and 25
      > hours of service per Vahana = one new member? Was this worse than
      > last year or better? Which local areas spent the most or least
      > and/or hours per new member?
      > HK: "How will this affect the world and all within it?"
      > Me: Well, this is the question you've been dancing around!
      > HK: "A quickening of the spiritual currents is in the works. The
      > purification of Souls will speed up."
      > Me: Oh, so the LEM/Mahanta will now start to uplift the world
      > consciousness because the ESC, Temple, chapel, EWWS, and because
      > the success of the Vahana effort (finally) and because of all of
      > those ECK High Initiates and their Higher Consciousness!
      > HK: "The table of politics, economics, and order in society are
      > to turn upside down. There will be unrest of the deepest kind. BUT
      > you will feel at peace."
      > Me: What! This seems to be a very negative view of the world and
      > life in general. So tell me again of the "great spiritual
      > significance" of the bundled together Eck compound. Is Klemp going
      > to build high rise condos for Eckists on the Eckankar property and
      > wall it in! Will it be wholly self-sufficient with a natural foods
      > grocery etc., etc.? What will that cost, when will ground breaking
      > begin, what are the qualifications and restrictions to get on the
      > list? It's a good thing that (at least) Eckists won't have to
      > and will "feel at peace."
      > HK: "Something will always be boiling over in human affairs. Yet
      > sanctuary, peace, and contentment are in ready supply in the
      > states of consciousness."
      > Me: So does this mean that there won't be an Eck compound and high
      > rise condos near the ESC or Temple? Is happiness and peace just a
      > state of mind? How about the rest of the world for all those
      > Vahanas - what are they to do? Ah, just close your eyes to it all
      > and HU. Don't worry about the suffering of the non-believers (non-
      > Eckists) it's their karma! Don't worry about the animals either!
      > It's karmic! The LEM/Mahanta can't prevent the Kali Yuga or can
      > Can the love of the Mahanta the incarnation of Sugmad intervene?
      > Well, if he was actually all that he claims he could prevent war
      > his presence (and his H.I.'s) could even raise world
      consciousness -
      > BUT, Klemp's not really who or what he claims.
      > HK: "The Spiritual Exercises of ECK are your means to enter them.
      > They will be your solace. They are the spring-board to love
      > to a love that excels all other things. Take heart, the sun shines
      > on all who love God, the ECK, and the Mahanta."
      > Me: What happened to Sugmad versus God? There is a difference (see
      > pages 385-386 in HK's Autobiography)! And, which "sun" does Klemp
      > talk about? The one in this small insignificant solar system! It
      > seems that Klemp is once again encouraging Eckists to feel and
      > behave as elitists and to place themselves upon pedestals above
      > others.
      > Yes, just do the S.E. of Eck and all will be well in your
      > and selfish little minds he instructs. Where did Klemp give true
      > direction or current answers for living in this here and now?
      > Conflict has always been with mankind, however, consciousness is
      > slowly increasing. Klemp paints a bleak picture as does other
      > religious fundamentalists who are anticipating the Rapture or
      > Armageddon or 72 virgins some other sort of nonsense to exclude
      > others. Talk is cheap for HK and this type of bible thumper. They
      > know nothing of true Love or of Spirit. Religious leaders and new
      > saviors are in the business of seeking followers to trick and scam
      > for whatever means they see fit and justified to use them for.
      > Many chelas have heard Klemp's pitiful side-stepping of questions
      > before and this is another reason for the lack concern. Eckists
      > become passive. They did not "miss" this article as the Sun Valley
      > chela stated. really, is it any wonder that Vahana efforts are
      > difficult to get off the ground when Klemp encourages Eckists to
      > hide in a cave and HU themselves to sleep as a solution to the
      > upheavel in the world! Eckists should ask themselves how they
      > from a pebble. Is the whole Vahana effort to get people to use the
      > HU as a sort of self-centered mind numbing drug, or to bring in
      > annual $$$ memberships? Vahanas are like drug pushers! What good
      > Higher Consciousness if it is not used to benefit mankind and and
      > it does not raise world or universal consciousness!?
      > Klemp's answers should really make Eckists re-think the position
      > Eckankar is taking in this world.
      > Prometheus
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