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1559Re: An ECK Slide Show for Members Only!

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  • christel_heine2003
    Aug 5 9:47 AM
      > Sorry, Eckankar is just another silly religion! However,
      > I will have to admit that at least Eckists are doing less physical
      > harm to others than the members of the world's major religions.
      > Prometheus

      yes, I agree. Yet the time of Eckankar is not in the Middle Ages where
      the only way seems to be fighting with weapons. For me the fight
      against souls which have other thinking in religion is frightening in
      the same way. so extremly in Eckankar with all the threatenings and
      condemnations by his leader and his followers, only 40 years in modern-
      I think isn't unjust to compare? We have so many new knowledge of
      spirituality, Zen, Buddhism... which shows ways with no condemnation.
      so Eckankar isn't up to date :-(
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