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1558Re: An ECK Slide Show for Members Only!

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  • prometheus_973
    Aug 3, 2006
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      Hi Mish,
      Just thought I'd share some comments on the Eck crap.

      mishmisha wrote:
      I am unable to put up a direct link to the slide show, but here's
      the text of the entire show:

      "Sri Paul Twitchell laid the foundation for the outer teachings of
      ECKANKAR. It was a formidable task fraught with many challenges and
      difficulties BUT with the help of a dedicated group of Chelas Paulji
      was able to fulfill his mission."

      ***Yep! The liar and "rascal" laid the foundation for the scam to
      continue under Gross and Klemp for sure! The task of fooling people
      was great, but people's desire to find a "Master" or savior outside
      of our true Selves is even greater!

      "...In spite of many health challenges Sri Harold Klemp soldiers on
      in the true spirit of the Vairagi ECK Masters. Quietly serving.
      Never complaining. It would be so easy for him to shed his physical
      body and leave this world BUT he stays on because of his love for
      you, for me and for the world. Can you think of a greater sacrifice?"

      ***Actually, HK was an "airman" rather that a soldier! LOL! Perhaps
      more Eckists should emulate their master mahanta and "quietly" serve
      in the recluse of their hovels/huts/caves/mansions or whatever! They
      just need to stay away from the distraction of: the Internet, TV,
      phones/fax, radio, newspapers and magazines, cars, planes, trains,
      pets, and other people. Actually, Klemp is around 64 years old so he
      has already outlived Twit by one year. I wonder how old Darwin is?
      However, doesn't HK complain about his health? Sure he does! How
      else do we know about EMR's, special diets, and helath care
      practitioners and such. And, he stays on like we all do! And yes, I
      can think of hundreds who make a greater sacrifice than the idiot
      who leads Eckankar!

      "A Warning . . . . .

      In the June 2005 issue of the Mystic World Sri Harold warned of the
      massive upheaval in the world. A surprising number of chelas missed
      his article.

      Never before. . .

      The Master has never come out with such a strong message. BUT as
      always he offered a solution:

      Only love and service" can make a difference, he said. 'The future
      is in your hands and depends upon you, and others like you' added
      Sri Harold. (Ask the Master, page 5, June 2005 Mystic World)"

      ***I'll have to do a review on these two questions. Actually, the
      first person asks two questions and the second person asks four
      questions. What happened to the principle of the Threes? Did Klemp
      forget or just not care to bother with it?

      ***I did notice that Klemp did not respond to one of the questions
      posed by the second person. The question was: "In short, is it
      better to do one thing well than to do several things medium well?"

      ***Is this Eckist cooking steaks or what? Really though, this sounds
      like a person seeking confirmation that basically means take your
      time and get your ducks lined up, do a lot of planning, etc. and
      eventually the Eck will work it out for you. This is why everything
      takes so long in Eckankar! No one's in a hurry because there's
      really no place to go and no growth (for Eckankar or Eckists) taking
      place! It's all for show in order to get that next Initiation number
      or settler Position. How great to become a RESA and have
      that "Consciousness!" LOL! Ask Ford and dozens of others about that
      falsehood! Sorry, Eckankar is just another silly religion! However,
      I will have to admit that at least Eckists are doing less physical
      harm to others than the members of the world's major religions.

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